what was the name of the bike shop on corner of... ...

Hoxton Street & Drysdale Street in N1 !? :slight_smile:

this is one for the locals or oldskool riders… as it closed down about 10-12yrs ago… maybe even longer !! :smiley:

We’ve lived here 4 years … but in that time it has been a brazilian bikini shop, a tanning salon, and now a hair dressers. I can’t imagine it as a garage but that is because the shutters are painted up like this : http://www.flickr.com/photos/erichands/2798832775/


oh lordy… lol… its gone down hill then !! :wink:

i used to live Chart St off Pitfield St… Hoxton Sq has changed so much… alot nicer/safer… but lost abit of its Olde London charm !! :frowning:

oh well… back to Googling… lol !! :wink:

Chart Street you say …! Did you know Steve and Linda - or their son Tommy? Or maybe - did you ever park next to this bike that I sold for him :smiley:

Yes… small world eh !? :wink:

iv known them since 87… last i heard he had a RSV… saw Linda & Steve last year… & saw Steve @ Gibsons 80’s day earlier this year… lol !! :smiley:

I geniunely thought Mr C was on a huge wind up. :smiley:

maybe he is… but its backfired init !! :hehe: