What was the last CD you bought.

With downloading slowly killing off the CD I was wondering what and when was the last CD you bought, and what did you think of it. My last one was The Wedding Present “el rey”, bought last week and it’s not a patch on their earlier stuff even with Steve Albini production.

I don’t buy CD’s anymore, but really steal them from my mates, etc.

I think asking people about the first CD/reocrods (for the older ones) would be a better question to ask.

Mine was Speed garage album, and a PJ and Duncan Single. I used to think they were so good back then, how opinions change Embarrassed

Just been into HMV and had a mega spend…

Coldplays new album

NERD’s New Album

Best of Led Zep

The Zutons new album

The courteneers new one

The Raconteurs new one

MGMT new one

Morcheeba new one

now i just need to get the time to listen to them all! :smiley:

I still buy my music on CD because i dont have my own laptop (use my work one) and I cant download any peer to peer stuff on it… doesnt really bother me, most of the CDs i buy are cheap anyhow, never spend ovre £10 on them.

I bought a Motley Crue 3 CD box set called ‘Loud as F*ck’ (classy name eh!).

And a copy of the Hairspray soundtrack. It was for my mum honestly!!

I dont buy music

but when i did first one was ,do the bartman, and ,xscape move your body,

As a side note - did anyone listen to the Chris Martin interview on Radio 4?


Very odd chap - so uncomfortable talking about his bread and butter… its like Valentino Rossi not wanting to talk about his last race when he won it?

Seems a bit odd to me!

I still buy CD’s and then digitise them at the absolute highest sample rate. By far better than downloading and you always have a back-up!

My latest handful are:
Kate Nash – Made of Bricks
Nickelback – All the Right Reasons
Adele – 19
Seether – Disclaimer II (For ‘Broken’ with Amy Lee – rest of the album is Pants with a capital P)

MS Office 2007

Well now you will all know my bad taste and age! First record was the Oliver Soundtrack, think I was 10. Hardly buy CD’s. Last one was the boxed and signed set of Ralph McTell (Streets of London).


Rockferry - Duffy

Hmmm. Well again I don’t tend to buy a lot of CDs anymore… In fact I can honestly say that I’ve never really brought many CDs in my life.

Jason Mraz - We Sing We Dance We Steal Things was the last one I brought. Fairly recently actually, mainly because I’m going to see him in Concert soon and just though “Yeah, why not”.

Enter Shikari - Take it to the skies, cost me 99p but havent had a proper listen to it yet…

Who and when?

Bad tastes? Did you not read the whole of that post?? Age is only a number - not who you are.

I have just bought Paul Wellers new album 22 dreams.

Good choice

Last music CD I bought was Pearl Jam - Ten

First record I ever bought was Brotherhood of Man - Save all your kisses for me. 7" single


BTW - I dance like that to Pearl Jam when sozzled

Haven’t really ‘bought’ many CDs for years but last one I did actually buy was a few weeks ago -
Knuckledust - Promises Comforts Fools
Check this band out - London Hardcore at its best (not the dance variety of hardcore be warned!)

John mayor live gig cant remeber the name, from CD wow, i havent been to a record shop for 6 years plus, total rip off…

Glad someone else likes Jason Mraz! hes the bomb man, seen him a few times live, when you seeing him live jasoon?

First CD I bought was Infected by The the. Last one was in Rainbows - Radio head.

The Song I keep listening to is when the man comes around by Johnny Cash

i bought
down - over the under
is good :slight_smile:
and groove armada - vertigo
bit different lol

Celestial Season - Lunchbox Dialogues… only because my last one got badly scratched :frowning: