What V ROSSI CAN'T DO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(REAL) Road racing


Your joking right? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was expecting to see something special.

A little bit misleading fella, i think you’ll find that the great man would be able to take a corner at excessive speed as you showed. In fact i think he does it every race;)

You are giving us some good insight to the world of road racing but don’t spoil it by posting pointless videos, it was just a corner and i’m sure if i put my camera on a corner on the way to Goodwood or Brighton you would see the self same thing from some of us on here:D

Don’t get me wrong the road race scene is a great one and i personally know Mark Parret who races the TT and the North West and appreciate that it doesn’t get the coverage that it should.

Keep up the reports though fella.

is it just me or am I missing something?:wink:

It’s not you mate.

come on guys… The video is one of his… Don’t knock it down just because it is **** and the post title misleading.
Instead we should get together and buy the block something nice in Hobbycraft so we never have to watch something like that again :wink:

what rossi can do, off roading during a gp!!! and not letting off the throttle!


he later passed biaggi and flipped him the finger mid corner with the knee down…that is worthy of praise.road racing is more extreme tho i do agree :smiley:

This gives you a better aspect for road racing…:w00t:


Although it’s up to him to defend himself, perhaps what the OP was hinting at was Rossi’s well founded admiration for road racers and his recent comments about not wanting to ride The Island at race pace.

So rather than what he can’t do, it’s what he doesn’t want to do.
It’s a little rash to say that a racer of Vale’s calibre can’t do what was shown in the video.

Guess you just had to be there, but the man isn’t called the GOAT for no reason.