What tyres for a scooter?

need to replace the rear tyre of our Honda PS…

Can anyone recommend a good tyre for a scoot?


You can’t usualy go wrong with Michelin or Pirelli for scooters. They cost more, but are defintly worth the money in security and wear compared with the cheaper tyres. Avoid Sava - they are dangerously rubbish in the wet. If you must go for a cheaper tyre, I found the Cheng Shin’s to be good on my Vespa GT.

usually very small one’s… at a pinch you could nick the plastic one’s off a Sainsbury’s shopping trolley, but you can only do 13mph on them, they’re just an emergency measure to get you to the nearest dealer… :smiley:


used to run michelin boppers on my scoots, excelent tyres or zippy continentals, or maxxis do soem good tyres for scoots:)

Michelin Gold Standards on mine. The Missus has Pirellis on her Vespa. We’re both happy with our tyres, if that helps.

(?What comes fitted as standard on PSs?)

Vespas often come standard with Savas these days so the standard tyre is no always a wise choice.

dont remember… but didnt recognise the brand… :ermm:

Bridgestone ML50

michelin pilot sport

conti twist

as far as i know these 3 tyres are very highly rated on scooters :slight_smile:

forgot they do them for scoots now! thats what sgoing on da trekker when its ready!:w00t::smiley:

Michelin pilot sports without fail, ask on any scooter forum and that’s the answer you’ll get :slight_smile:

Go for Michelin as they are a good all round tyre, stay away from Pirellis as they are crap in the wet.

I had an ML50 put on the rear of my X9 and it lasted less than 1000 miles before reaching the legal wear limit. The Conti Twist I replaced it with lasted about 4000 miles. Neither are as good as the Michelin I have now. BTW, avoid the Avons - they wear fast, and are rubbish once part worn.

I’ve got Pirelli GTS’s front and rear on my scoot. I haven’t found them crap in the wet, but possibly depends on the type of tyre and the tyre/scoot combination!