what tyres are the best to go for?

Iam looking for a new set of tyres gsxr which bt014 but i need to change the rear but dont now if i should stick with the same or change. any recommendations?

Id go for black ones mate!!!

just kidding…
Best thing to do is ask your self what you use the bike for most…

If its just weekend hard riding in the sun get a pure sports tyre…

014’s are ok

2ct’s and diablo corsa’s are better IMO.

In all honesty most modern tyres are way better than most of us can use and its all about what makes you feel best on the bike.

when you feel good you ride better and trust the tyres.

i’ve never used the corsa’s but have used the 2ct’s. They are absolutely brilliant but wear really quickly and of late have a tendancey to come apart

I’d say try the corsa’a or metzler race techs