What traffic?

A bit like my journey to work… i can play that game tooooo, in thicker traffic


Love the gate opening

its got to be done, innit?

I like the so called “4th lane”

The Streets of London is even better, the guy is an absolute muppet!

one day he will come a croper he is not exactly getting through traffic slowly

That was the north circ from Neasdon to the Iron Bridge and themn Hanger Lane with the artic running the lights. The wide lense makes things rush toward you so it looks like he is going faster than he prob was.

I like the red light film. It’s shocking yet not surprising. Why are there not more red light cameras? Who would argue with them? I can’t believe the government has missed such an easy way to collect fines without ruffling the public’s feathers!!! They could forget speed cameras and all the bad press.

Would anyone here complain if there was a red light camera on every traffic light in London?

What he means by ‘mobile inside his helmet’? lol

I used to drive like that but now im a little smarter and refuse to come up short becase I rode like an ass.
I was the kinda driver the fed was talking about turning and not checking for bikers its scary to think what would have happend.

…No I have ago at mysister every time she forgets to check.

I ride 10x worse than that on the same roads… and, when he left the A406 and headed west on the A40, he left London and entered Middlesex…


yes, I should ride slower/safer. everyone that doesn’t falls off. I don’t have that fear. When I do, I am sure I will agree with you all.

if I had a camera set up, I m sure I could shock you more. That is my point.

what set up do you use for recording your rides?

how much it cost?
I want one!

that “streets of london” guy shouldnt have a bike what so ever, he dont know how to ride and he dont know anything about it lol.

Think that kind of riding is called natural selection

The camcorder is a JVC GRDX97, which is connected to a remote bullet camera (link below) and the whole set up is as per the pics below