What to get next ?

Ok, so seeing as my beautiful baby is gone, I have to start thinking about what I’ll be replacing her with.

I was incredibly happy with my CBR600F, but this may be a chance to try something different. My main criteria are:

  1. Must be able to commute on it every day of the year
  2. Must be comfortable for a pillion
  3. Good performance - at least the same level as the CBR

Additional criteria that would be nice to meet are
4. Easy to wheelie
5. Take a decent sized top box
6. Comfortable for occasional touring (2-3 times per year, 2000 miles per journey)

A really nice feature, but sadly not available here would be
7. Comes with shotgun to automatically kill thieving bastards on attempt to steal

The CBR meets all of the above criteria except 7, which is why I find myself looking around :frowning:

I’m not sure about budget yet as this will largely depend on what the insurance company pays out plus whatever I can afford to chuck in at xmas time. I’m going to argue the toss about the aftermarket exhaust adding value as well as the topbox setup.

I’m hoping I’ll be shopping by late November, and I know that summer sales were slow, so there may be good new deals to be had - so please feel free to include current bikes in the list of options :smiley:

Thanks in advance - sorry for the post flood, but this site is my last link to my baby, and I miss her so much already. I think the new one will have to sleep in the kitchen :crying:

like you said bit early but i suppose the healing must start… :slight_smile:

might be difficult to fullfill 2&3 together unless you go for something bigger than 600cc… :wink: