What to do?

Friend of mine had a minor off last night. He was using the bus lane legitimately past a queue of stationary traffic at around 15-20 mph.
A car, which he had seen, pulled out from a side road half way across the bus lane in front of him but as the queue of traffic was stationary the car had no where to go, my mate had anticipated this and braked, but a little to aggressively for the conditions and locked the front and went down.
He and the bike slid into the 3ft gap in front of the car that pulled out without impact.
He jumped up and had a bit of a verbal ding dong with the driver, who then got back in the car reversed back into the side road, got back out the car and said “prove that I pulled out in front of you then!”
He has no witnesses to this as the only driver to stop, disappeared as my mate went to get a copper who was in the queue a bit further down the road along with the driver who had pulled out.
He has the reg no. of the car, but no witnesses as to what happened.
So the question is, put it down to experience or report it to the police as a failing to stop?
Opinions please.

if he didnt actually hit the car i dont think theres much of a case…im not 100% though

That’s really unlucky, and a tough one. Difficult to prove with no witness.

Watch those bus lanes people. They’re full of less than obvious hazards!!

Bad road repairs
Tarmac worn smooth by buses
Pedestrians crossing between vehicles
People pulling out of side turnings
… and there’s nowhere to go when they do!

spose i’d have to say take it on the chin and be glad it wasnt serious?

Talk to one on the bike accident people, macams or the like, they’ll tell you where you stand…

Post your question on www.pepipoo.com forum. Lots of free legal motoring advice to be had from there. :wink:

They also give a lot of inaccurate advice, seriously inaccurate :angry:

Regardless of who is at fault, the driver has committed the offence of failing to stop and report an accident which carries disqualification. If he is innocent, why did he drive off.

Although witnesses are helpful, it does not mean that he cannot be held liable providing the information you give to your insurers is accurate.

If you want any guidance, then feel free to PM me.

Don’t bus lanes have cameras to catch those who shouldn’t be in them ?

The reaction smells to me of someone who has done something like that before…