What to do ?

Been in this situation a few times now . . . giving it some beans, clear road, nothing unsafe or dangerous, usually A or B road in the country not in villages/towns etc, going well over the regulation 60 nsl and go past a police car going in the opposite direction.

So far have just carried on and ignored it, the car has never turned round and followed me, at least not that I’ve seen but they’d need to be quick to catch me and get a clear run through the traffic anyway so I may not have seen them trying.

Has anybody been caught for speeding or done like this, either by a police car radioed ahead or a helicopter etc ?

Got chased once during the 90s on my LC after pulling a stoopid overtake when one went the other way.

Rushed home and wore a different lid for a week :satisfied:

really i think you should hand your self in right now…

Take it as a warning and buy a Honda;)

yeah a sensible honda like mine :slight_smile:

Thanks, just wondering if it’s done.