What to choose....

This poll is due to a status that popped up on FB and the comments from others saying how dangerous biking has become…Here is the status report…

wondering if anyone will still be riding this time next year… after all the talk last year about riding more and exploring more, seems more often than not people sold up and gave up!

I have ridden in all weathers, in snow and ice, it just isn’t fun. I know it is hardcore to do it, but frankly, I am old enough and experienced enough that I don’t really care for hardcore any more…been there, done that.

if I can get a cage for winter, I will be using it, I think I have lined up a nice 58 reg mondeo for driving around in winter. Perfick.

Well i know theres only one thing that will stop me from riding :w00t:Im not saying you have to ride no matter what the weather by the way, ive got the bike for it and ride all year round but that dont mean anythin.

Im sayin these people that hang up there leather because they are scared of what is out there and will happen to them cant realy of had the passion for bikes, or atleast that passion has died.

or if it hasnt whats the point in living if your not going to live the way you want to and just sit in your armchair nice and safe instead?

Okay yeah the answers i put on are abit on the extreme side but life is for living isnt it.

And before anybody says why do you have to ride a bike, why do you have to do extreme things to be classed as living life… Thats not what im saying, what im saying is if your not going to do what you want to in life because your worried/scared of what may happen then your not living your life are you?EDIT: okay that doesnt include any just going off and doing any serious crime before some smart arse decides to say they’ll just go rape, pillage and steal… Im talking of sticking to the rite side of the law… well within reason :wink:

No choice … I ain’t using public transport … not now, not never.:crazy:

What, not even a tiny bit of pillaging allowed?:w00t:

I wonder if “pillaging” is still on the Statute Books?

I’m an all year round biker. Not because I’m some sort of hard arsed hero. I just hate the other options.

Okay maybe a little :stuck_out_tongue: