What the.....

I’m sat at Bosworths in Finchingfield after a little mid week BCR jaunt listening to the most middle class, inane, unecessarily loud drivel pouring out of this woman’s mouth that I, and the tables around me, are finding it difficult not to laugh at its absurdity.

Nope… There it is. Couldn’t hold it in…

Totally worth it :slight_smile:

Oh christ she’s off again…

Record her and put it up here or on youtube.

oh poor you… listening to some jibberish on a thursday afternoon while on a rideout … i really really feel sorry for you! :angry:



I normally have to listen to Broady on my midweek BCR runs :hehe:

There’s a “silly” woman who sometimes goes to my fave cafe in Palmers Green. Harmless, she happily talks away to herself. I find it a little disconcerting though, and avoid eye contact, as I don’t want her trying to get into conversation with me.

Fair point, fair point. First world problems :slight_smile:

Gav I think I’ll stick with crazy lady. You win :slight_smile:

Oh thats gratitude for you!!! Whats really annoying is the fact Jarrod came up here for a midweek BCR and didn’t invite anybody from the retired group,heartless bastard:cool:

My bad. I was just trying to get some practice in so I can keep up with you Broady.

what was she saying?