What the hell is going on with Ebay!!!!!!

Gone the days when you used to find a fucking bargain …now every tom dick and harry are charging out the ass for second hand bits!!!..

Example…scratched to fuck Rh side fairing for a GSXR 1000 k5 £80.00 New from Suzook…wait for it…£110.00
absolutely atrocious


called free market…

Its always been like that.

Lots of mugs dont do their research and you see them pay near enough the price for a new thing.

Pole smoker, you aint looking hard enough.

i just got a whole fairing and tank for the k2 for £175.00 which i think is bloody cheap. Its track fairing but its good quality no scratches or anything!

What have you done mate?

i tryed to sell 400 quids worth of cbr wheels on ebay and seems like if i did nt give them away for 75p no one would buy everyone wants it for next to fk all on ebay, well thats what i found when i tryed my first and only time on ebay, aint gonna use that sh** again . loot or something else none of that feedback buy it now pussy sh**

I know what you mean.You have to look incrediblly hard for a bargan on ebay now, not like the old days. lol.

but it works both ways… I sold a used Billabong Snowboarding Jacket recently for £90…I paid £70 for it new from TK Max :smiley: