What the hell is going on ovah, theya?

What are you Brits up to ovah theya?

Terrorizing your own towns and villages? Looting…burning…killing. Seriously?!

As if the Western world isn’t in deep enough ****, these numb nuts have to turn on each othah?

We were bored

Yeah sorry, he called my pint a poof:crazy:

Next you’ll be saying “I just did it for the fun of it. I don’t like Mondays. This livens up the day.” :blink:

It’s two things Gregman, and take note as it’ll happen in the USA too (as it has done in so many other Western states lately)…

1: Recession; people have no money and are angry/frustrated
2: Society problems; generations of proletariat neglect and lack of integration; people are uneducated and angry

probably not as bad as is shown on your tv, i have seen the same clip 3 times and everytime saying it was live.

I’m actually reading a book right now about The Great Depression…about how it had it’s origins in the 1920’s…when the rich decided they were no longer happy just being rich…they had to be super rich…HYPER rich…since the money supply is largely finite, they only way “they” could have more is for others (primarily the working poor…ie…you and me) to have less.

It’s playing out again right now…as we speak…the rich get infinitely MORE wealthy…while the poor get poorer…and poorer. It took a World War to effectively break the cycle…to redistribute the wealth in a more equitable manner.

I have no idea how the mess we’re in now plays out…but…it certainly doesn’t look good. :confused:

it will all be fine once we all have a nice cup of tea:)

+1 Agree

Agreed. You also have the issue of the Tea Party.

Our Tea Party are out rioting and looting, it won’t be long before yours are too.

Just love the truly British phlegmatic responses, but just about right.

Let’s be upfront:

1: We are having a few local difficulties right now.
2: We don’t, quite honestly, understand the cause. (There are a lot of theories, none entirely credible, out there.)
3: We don’t quite understand how to deal with all of this.
4: We probably don’t have the resources available if we knew how to deal with this.

Does that help?

Oh well. Back to making another pot of tea and seeing how this sorts itself out.

The rioting Croydon kids may not have had the sort of positive role models you do in the States :pinch:. Boom and bust and boom and bust comes and goes and some places stay just the same with just the same deep-rooted problems repeating themselves through the generations.

absolutely nothing to do with it

some scum bag got shot by police, he was carrying a gun himself and i dont care if he shot it or not, the family and friend decide to have a peaceful march against said police, l8r that night it turns nasty/tottenham.

next day every bit of scum decide to target certain shops, electrical/sports/phone shops etc and tahst it, no rioting just target shops and get wot you can.

theft and thats it.

i say old chap, its only a bally scurmish. weve got boris to sort it out so not to worry. now, where`s me kettle? :smiley:

In between that there was also this apparently

Edit: Not sure of the source of this video but it features on a number of blogs… if it is true, it’s funny how none of the other media showed that :wink:

Edit2: Oh and… he didn’t… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-14459516