What techniques required for Knee Down?

I am wanting to get my knee down and wanted some advice on dos and don’ts and what to watch out for. Can anyone help? Probably should message Ratty as this seems to be his thing! :smiley:

Also is there a risk of binning it whilst trying this?

come out with us on the bcr, ratty can teach you roundy round da roundabout:hehe:

I’m working tomorrow unfortunately. When’s the next one?

you really want to get ya knee down?

well first thing is confidence, be confident! trust your tyres, make sure they are nice an warm, and have a nice steady throttle hand, and usually 2nd gear for small roundabout and 3rd for bigger.

KD is about body postion, you have to hang off, 1 arse cheek on seat 1 off…i tend tgo p[ush my knee down when i first started feelign for the touch down, at first it feels liek your leant miles over, but you get used to it.

i have KD’ed quite a few bikes, i gotta say the new sportsbikes the 600’s are so dinky and handle so well its very very easy on one, just need good tyres and body postion right and hey presto.

if your really up for it and wanna try, i be happy to help ya, theres always a risk of binning your bike, its how much you trust yourself…and how much confidence you have, i f we went out and i thought, he’s gonna bin that soon, i would obviosuly tell ya!

so yeh if you wanna give it a go, let me know, a few people ask me to teach them but they never get in touch to try…it takes time but its not as hard as some people think.:slight_smile:

BTW theres alot of other LB’s that can KD. Elad, Vegas, and fooligan all inspired an helped me to get it right;)

infact dude, get on you tube for the baisic body postion, it better explained in person or in a vid than in writing.

rus you forgot to tell your other method, spin around anti-clockwise 10 times then go roundy round da roundabout:D

Yup wanna try it. I’ll have to meet up with you and have a go. What’s the best times to go for a rideout for you?

Yep. You just have to weigh it up against how much you’ll enjoy, bragging about it down the pub or showing off your knee sliders. That is the reason you’re doing it right? I can’t think of any other reason to do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

no it wont help your confidence one bit…you wont learn any throttle control, or just how far your bike will lean, or what your tyres are capable of…
:smiley: yeah dont bother…no point at all:P

oh and you oftenb find thos that cant kd often wonder why?..:hehe:

i’ll be up for a KD mentoring ride, not needed for myself of course, but it’d be fun!!:smiley:

should do a scratchers run too:D

Weelll… you won’t find out just how far your bike will lean - you lean less when you’re hanging off .

It will help confidence, and it will help with throttle control, especially if you manage to get the rear sliding a bit, but it is ultimately pointless on the road.

And slower than leaning proper hard and being smooth.

Having said that, what do I know ? I totter around and the only thing that touches down is my toe sliders.

  1. Ride the twisties
  2. Ride the twisties
  3. Ride the twisties

Eventually… it will happen automatically… :smiley:

Not that it really matters, but what bike have you got mate?

Best place to get your KD is the track, not only because it is safer and it is easier, but you can also look at what pics the track photographer is taking of you to make your technique better. Book yourself onto a trackday and it will happen.

I rarely get KD on the roads though.

Loads and loads of articles on youtube and interweb, but also having someone look at your style is good.

I have a 07 R6 but restricted :crazy::crying:

Got one more year and it’s coming off so can’t wait.

Sounds good, whereabouts are you mate? I’m based in South London.

The best place for this is the track, not the road bud… sorry to be a bore…

If you’re gonna do it on the road you want a lovely, big, smooth roundabout and not a car in sight, go with someone who knows what they’re doing…

Worth a look


That must be like dating Helena Bonham-Carter but finding your manhood doesn’t work anymore . . . :w00t: :wink:

As said above, don’t do it on the road. Go to a track day, Snetterton has a fantastic long right hander which will let you get your knee down really easily as does Brands. On the road you’ve got animals, cars, potholes, gravel etc etc on track there’s nothing.

OK cool, but that will be an expensive drop :wink: ! KD should not really be a problem.