what sunbed

So I’ve had a minor but irritating follicle infection for about 4 years. It’s rarely noticeable, but it would be nice to rid of it for good.
I’m thinking of getting a sunbed. Anyone know anything about them? Theres old ones on ebay for peanuts, has sunbed technology moved on since then?
Do people still hire them? I can find sun bed hire companies on Google, but it’s hard to get a price from the websites.

Did the old type ones not turn you into a cancerous wrinkled prune ?

or you can get a spray tan, I’m sure you’ll look lovely anyway :laugh:

If you get a sunbed consider renting a small square footage to the guy with the solar charger so he can actually keep his bike topped up!

BrickingIt will be able to tell you where to buy the vajazzle when yer tan’s ready:D

(But seriousy don’t get a sunbed, they’re very dangerous to skin)

It was the guy down the road with eczema that inspired me. He goes up to the hospital once a week to stand in front of a sunbed which has almost eradicated the problem.
I know when I spent time in Texas It went in no time. I’m not looking for an ebony finish here, but I studying means I see very little natural light and I reckon 15 mins a day might just do the trick.
As Numnum points out though, I don’t want to end up as a cancerous old prune.

Your a bit behind the times, its tittooing now. :w00t:

Have you spoken to you GP about laser treatment?

We have tried loads of different stuff, sprays, creams, steroids… the problem is it’s not bad enough to justify further treatment. At the moment I have significantly less spots than any given teenager. I’ve only got a couple at the moment, but they itch like buggery, take weeks to heal, and often leave a scar. Believe it or not I picked it up years ago while camping. I had a dry shave in the tent and came home with a face like a pizza.

Fill me in on the details please Kev, If it’s in, I want it.