What should you do?

When a small car jumps the lights and almost takes you off.

You overtake them and they give YOU the bird and tell YOU to f&*k off!!

I ride a V-MAx and i am 6’2 so no idea what they were thinking!

Too shocked to do anything about it at the time but sitting at my desk in a bad mood now


Big bad OX

Stop in front of him at the traffic lights, take your pocket knife out of the pocket and make few more air inlets in his front tyres…But don’t forget to keep smiling and wave to him goodbye!

That would make my day!

Cup of coffee and a cigarette should do the trick.

But i pity the fool that hassles me on the way home

The penknife suggestion is a good one but takes too much fiddling around but did make me smile

May just add to my collection of wing mirrors if it happens again.

Do what I did yesterday…Fat suit in a Jag toots at me 'cos im in his way and he’s obviously got right of way 'cos hes in a Jag …so first I brake test him…then I rode the length of Euston road next to him giving him the bird and calling him all sorts of names and pleading for him to pull over so we could have a nice chat about my new glove and his face …funny enough he didnt want to play with me Jag mirrors fall off very easily though

one of the biker girls i met had a temper

she used to fit titanium sliders to her boots for the express purpose of dragging it down the slide of the car as she roared away from them…

Good one!!! I have to think about it!

Got me a wing mirror this morning, p**k in a green ford decides he doesn’t like bike’s filtering on the A2 so he moves right over to stop us, ha ha silly mistake. wing mirror 0 Buell 1

Interested in knowing your action

Do you rip off

Smack down

or just drag through as you burn on by

Have never understood why cagers want to take on someone who is dressed in leather with helmet and armoured gloves.

Not quite as brave when they get out their cage though

I was stopped at lights in Kings Cross on my way to work one morning when a transit van pulled up on the right and parked on my foot. I tried to tell the driver, but he thought I was having a go at him and started shouting and swearing at me. His passenger then leant out of the window and realised what was occuring, and got the driver to pull off my foot. The driver then carried on ranting, shouting obscenities & waving his fist at me … ooops … right fist puts dent in bonnet followed by fast pull-away.

I hope he had to explain where that came from!!

i just carried on going as if nothing had happened, then when i got out of site had a look at my hand because it didn’t half hurt, no damage just a bit puffy.

My mate was once being blocked on purpose by a woman in a 4x4 in a jam on a motorway. Every time he went to filter she moved over and nearly squashed him twice. He suddenly ‘appeared’ next to her passenger window (no passenger), two taps to get her attention and then an entire carbon clad fist straight through it. Bet she didnt do that again!

thats why i like my handguards on my ccm, you can take out wing mirrors without even slightly hurting your hands… theres a silver merc somewhere in london this morning who will now have to actually turn his head to look over his right shoulder, if he can be bothered that is. titanium toe sliders do wonders for the paintwork too

I never know what to do apart from get angry and shout…knowing my luck i’d probably end up on the floor if i tried to knock a wing mirror off…

my old housemate used to be brilliant as a wing-man tho when i was learning to ride - if people cut us up all 6’4 of him used to pull alongside kicking and screaming…

As far as door mirrirs go, always hit down, its expensive to replace them but don’t get caught, you can land up with a conviction for criminal damage like a mate of mine did. Same goes for the scraping down the side of the car, nice idea but dont get caught.

Now now children, what’s all this stuff about removing wing mirrors (how are they supposed to then see then next biker behind them?) or damaging the side panels?

That’s not exactly the way to get the car drivers to like us, is it? I pity the next biker they encounter, he’s hardly going to get any slack cut for him.

If somebody blocks me or does anything else silly, I just shake my head at them, if their window is open I ask them what the point was. They get embarrassed, some even say sorry.

Don’t get me wrong if a car does something stupid, as they did not see me, and they say sorry the situation is instantly averted.

What gets my goat is when they either ignore me or start having a go at me for no reason

yep thats exactly why. like deliberatly blockin you from filtering when they are in stationary traffic. normally a shake of the head is enough when its an inocent mistake, but if they do something that deliberately could cause u harm, oooops, there goes the wing mirror… sorry guvner, i just didn’t see you. works for them.

hi there, my idea is if they not gonig to use their wing mirror , then they dont need it…i always hit upwards so they can watch it going over their bonnet…and oh how we laugh about it afterwards …guffaw guffaw guffaw.