What should I pay for this ?

Got the offer of a 94 Fireblade. It needs new plastics including tail piece and front fairing, probably headlights and screen too. Also needs regulator and battery.

Other than that nothing is bent or damaged and it’s done less than 10k miles. Engine runs fine and it’s basically straight. It was used as a spares bike for another one. Has V5c, currently on a SORN.

Stood for 3 years so will need servicing, tyres, possibly caliper seals and a bit of tidying.

What would be a reasonable price ?

A fiver?:cool:If it was used as a spares bike what is missing? Is it just missing panels?:w00t:Sounds like a nice trackday project to me;)

It was bought by a chap I know who kept it as a spare engine for hit kit car but didn’t need it, he sold some of the plastics to a chap with a similar blade and used the battery and regulator himself, basically eBay seems to be able to deliver a plastics set for £250 or so, maybe £500 for everything I need. So if I get the bike for £700 would that be reasonable ?I’m thinking winter hack, touring bike, something to put paniers on etc but still a sports bike rather than a tourer. Spare track day bike in case the ZX goes down etc, all sorts of things, the blade seems to be able to do most things and this one would be cheaper than buying a good one straight off.

Humm a 94 blade is good, but still a bit long in the tooth suspension and handling wise compared to the modern bikes…

Sums - £700 plus 350 for plastics and all other bits, £1050, plus working on it, battery, regulator, time, maybe upgrade to 17" wheels, etc, you might end up spending 1500/2000 on that. You can get yourself a very tidy thundercat or possibly older litre bike for that sort of cash…

So I reckon possibly offer a bit lower for the bike, sounds like it might have quite a few issues…but would be a fun project. Check out how the blade changed from the 94 model, I think there were quite a few revisions, so maybe parts for that year might be difficult???

I bought a '92 this time last year as a run-around/hack. I paid £1,300. Now I’m so fond of it that I ride it most of the time. I’ve spent virtually nothing on it in the last year. Really solid bike. Suspension and handling wise it still holds its own (and I’m still running a 16" front wheel) … afterall it was the benchmark!

If you’re buying one in that state, see if you can get it for £500ish.

Good luck!! :wink:

Thanks, was also looking at a ZX9 or ZZR1100 but the blade appealed because it’s a bit of an iconic bike and one that I’d like to have even just for a year or so, I’ll see how low he’ll go on price.

If it’s mechanically sound (engine and stuff) & you can get the bodywork for the price you said, £500-700 sounds about right.I made the mistake of buying a CBR1000f that needed new bodywork & a bit of tinker. the tinkering was easy, the bodywork was the killer, really expensive & very hard to get hold of.Granted, when you have fixed it up you probably would have spent well over grand & it’s been mentioned you could probably get a perfectly good bike for that money…but that wouldn;t much any fun? Very little tinkering potential there. :slight_smile:

The old blades are iconic, and very well built … better than a Kawasaki. With 10K miles, that motor is just getting in its stride. If you get it for a good price, you won’t regret it IMHO.

A fair few cheapish old blades on fleebay at the moment…

How about a '99 ZX9 for £1100 with £300 to spend ? Reasonable condition, few dents but basically sound. Is that going to be a better bike than the '94 blade ?

yes but depends what you mean by a few dents,

All down to your personal preference really. It would be a good bike for sure, but if you want something that will last well and not disintegrate in the Winter salt, I’d go for the Honda … and this is all coming from a Kwak lover!

id have a looka round and see what there going for. ive always wanted a blade so id say buy it.

and things like screen / reg rec / battery / tyres wont cost you too much.

evan i can get most of it on the cheap for you :smiley:

so yea… as long as its mechanicly sound like most hondas are then you should buy it! :smiley: