What should I do with my ZXR 400 ? I need help or advices ;)

Hello guys, I haven’t been very active here since Xmas but I really need your help now more then ever…

I’ll explain the situation quickly : I’ve bought a ZXR 400 beginning of November, crashed it 4 days after…
Fixed it for it to be rideable, it worked but then i’ve had a battery problem…

Changed the battery but it wasn’t charging

Changed the regulator but then saw that my electrical loom was melted at some point…

Changed the loom but the bike doesn’t want to start now… I’ve surely done something wrong…

Tried with a 2nd IC Igniter, tested the pickup coil, tested a lot of different electrical stuff… but i’m really not good at electrics and I’m starting to be really despaired…
Actually i’m at a point were i’ve got no tension to 1 of the 2 Ignition Coil … but the wires seams right :confused:

But this would be too easy if it was just that ! I’ve got to leave the UK in 3 weeks, I know it’s a shame… so different options here

-sell the ZXR as it is now , that mean loosing a lot of money as it’s neither really looking great or working…
-have it to start and go back to south of France riding it , this will be really perfect :o

I’d love to take it to a garage, ask them to fix it, pay and ride, but I’ve got absolutely no money (or near…) , So if some people are willing to help me anyhow it’ll be just perfect, if some are wanting to buy this bike i’ll be sad but this will be the more reasonable thing to do I guess…

The bike only have done around 12K Miles , has some damages… can discuss that if you want to

The fact is that I haven’t got a garage to work so it’s not easy for me, I really dont want to give the bike away for £100, and I dont know how i’ll be able to reward you people for your help, but I really need you :slight_smile:


Do you have a van or something you can move it around with ? . Sounds like a good many hours work if it gets awkward . Can you not ship it to france with you and work on it there ?

As above, or get it locked securely until you can afford to get it shipped with a load of other bikes?

Most companies will wait until there are a few to ship therefore keeping the price down for you.

For my VFR to be shipped 500 miles was £200 add to that the cost of the tunnel it cant be that much more to france?

I dont have a van so the only way to move the bike is actually to push it :stuck_out_tongue:

This bike doesn’t worth to be shipped, it was a cheap bike at the beginning, add a crash and a the fact that it’s now not starting…

Anyone who will buy will have a real bargain, special LB price :stuck_out_tongue:

Put some photos up, I might buy it…

I’ll take it if I can fit on it at 6foot tall

I’m 5.9 and it’s ok , but more then 6f will be too much , it’s a tiny bike that you need to ride with the knee on the ground, will not be the best commuter or GT bike :o

I’m writing all the problems and stuff to do on the bike and i’ll post that with pictures

ZXR 400 L8 – 19241Km , Approx 12K miles

Bough it the 5th of November, crashed in the 10th…

Front fairing broken
No more windscreen
one side of the front mudguard is gone
Side fairing are touching front wheel, need to straightent the fixations
Front Indicators to change
Left fork tube is leaking
The exhaust pipe has damaged the swingarm, dont have the hardware to change it but cost £30 on ebay
Front rim had a little chock , tested to 90mph and it’s going straight.
The bike is not starting

Battery changed and stay on my Oxford charger all winter
Front tire as done only 40 miles , Michelin Pilot Power
Front Brake Master Cylinder changed
Right Footped holder changed
2 CDI , both “M” , full rev , they should both work
regulator changed
wiring loom changed
Both fairing bracket changed
Fork is straight, tested at the OMC
Braided brake line front and back
Flip up levers, got regulars ones plus a bend one
The tank is not damaged
Will give everything i’ve got, including old wiring loom, old regulator, old Mastercylinder, chain and lock, very good bike cover…
MOT and Tax ok
V5 in my name , got the 2 keys but one is was damaged in the crash
I can sell it without the V5 if you prefer…

I tried to be as honest as possible, I’m sure that someone with a garage and some time will have a really good bike without spending a lot

If you have more questions i’ll be happy to answer

If this post need to move to another section i’ll be ok to create a new one

You are welcome to see the bike in north london , near North Finchley

Here are links with some recent pictures of the bike , trying to show the damaged parts


But if some people are willing to help me i’ll prefer to have it working :slight_smile:

how much u want for it? :smiley:

3weeks would not be enough time to have a relaxed tinker and bring that back from the dead . I suspect there will be more work than first expected , there always is .

I really dont know how much it can worth actually, i’m gonna take a look on ebay/gumtree to find this out, but for the people interested in buying it you can send me proposal by PM, but as I still hope to have it working i’m not in a hurry , in 2 weeks i’ll be :o

For sure… even more when you can only work on it 1 or 2 days a week in the street…

has the crash been recorded with insurance?


mot and tax?..just presuming you got that sorted when you bought the bike in the 4 days before crash :wink:

i may be interested

Yeah taxed the bike in the first days of november , the mot expire the 31th of May :slight_smile:

good to know…sure it’s not the other way round :stuck_out_tongue: ‘6 months’ tax would expire in may,and i thought you bought the bike with no mot so should have mot till nov 2012 right :wink:

i’ve had a look at the zxr’s online prices vary for condition,could you pm me a rough price you’d be looking for

I’m looking for £900, if you like to discuss this just send me a PM , in one week i’ll put it on Ebay I think

I’ve created a topic in the classified ads section :slight_smile: