what should i do if i recognise the car again?

just got a knock on my door.

opened to be told mate your bike is on its side!!! WTF!!! :angry:

went out and surely it was!! i had just parked it behind a gold,suv that obviously reversed and knocked it over!!

no note on the bike whatso ever and no suv to be seen!!!

if i see it again should i:

a) key it
b) puncture tyres
c) brake lights
d) wait for owner and confront him (maybe hurt him abit)

bike seems to be ok… apart from scuffed bar end and crash mushroom

right, she just knocked on my door to apologise and say she lives on my road

offered to pay for damages but cant tell so will look tomorrow and let her know

her reply to why she took off was that she was in a hurry to go somewhere?? :ermm: :angry:

I’d count yourself lucky… you got an admission of fault and you didnt have to chase around to find her…

and the bike being naked got off light… will ask her to replace the bar ends as minimum

You were lucky … that doesn’t happen everyday. In fact it never happens. Hope the bike isn’t too badly knacked. Thank goodness for honest folk that are big enough to say sorry.

nice to get a an admission of fault

I found my bike with scrapes and the chain jammed between front wheel and front forks, but the bike back upright

can’t work out if it was an attempt at theft or just a knock-over

Maybe i’m just bitter, but i would still take revenge and puncture her tyres.

from what you’ve said, i can only imagine her being a danger on the roads.

mate check the swing arm hasn’t been marked, bar ends, crash bungs, and chech the foot pegs are on correctly. I had my RR knocked over 3 times and it was close to £2500 to fix each time.