What sat nav to buy

I am looking to buy a new sat nav for the bike but I want one where I can plan the routes on google maps or similar and then upload to the unit. Is there a unit on the market that you can do this on? I am looking at the Garmin Zumo 660 but I dont want to pay £400 for a unti that doesnt do what I want it to do. I want it for some trips in europe I have planned for next year. Any advice???

Ask Jobie.

Yep, the 660 can do that. I use the Garmin Mapsource software, plan the route on that and transfer it to your device.

If you get the 660 I recommend you also get the Lifetime Maps option. As long as you don’t lose or break it (and remember to check regularly for the four-times-per-year updates), your maps will always be the latest ones.

Thanks thats just the answer I was looking for .

You’re welcome. It is a great piece of kit; I hope you enjoy using it.

I bought a 660 about two months ago and love it (despite the price). It updates the route quickly if you go wrong and i have planned loads of routes around Kent for riding on my own. Get the steering column bracket as well (telferizer.com) which is really secure at any speed.

I bought a £50 Chinese satnav.
It runs TomTom, Igo8 & Miomaps thanks to a handy little SD card I have.

If it rains I just put it in a clear bag. Jobs a goodun.

You can use TYRE software to plan routes using googlemaps and download to both TomTom and Garmin. http://www.janboersma.nl/gett/

The 660 is the newer version of the 550 I have. I got mine of ebay last year for 300 I think. It’s a great piece of kit. It records all your routes in a triplicate so you can download them afterwards. It’s proper sturdy (been through very heavy rain and dropped it a couple of times) and it comes with a very good ram mount.

I’ve just bought some mounting bits n bobs for my crapnav from:


They do millions of sat nav mounting kits/bag/etc etc etc

Just in case you need new mounts or whatever.

Only orderd the stuff yesterday and paid for next day delivery so I’ll wait n see just how good they are???:wink:

just sent back the latest TomTom Rider Pro which was very impressive to a dedicated GPS noob like me.

Full review coming hopefully later next week.

Always worth checking out previous generation satnavs on places like Ebay.

The latest bits of kit are great but it’s not that long ago that the older stuff was cutting edge and did the job well - plenty of bargains for older Sat Navs

Just picked up a mint Rider V1 for £65 from eBay. Ex shop display, guy could not get it to work (old software problem) spent 3 hours trawling the Tomtom forums to find a fix, but now working a treat :stuck_out_tongue:

New mounting kit £20 from Tomtom, Bluetooth headphones £12

job done :smiley:

Top frugal skills that man!!!