What s this dripping?

Sorry for my ignorance. I’ll go look it up too.

What are these pipes on the r6? Overflow? Fuel?




isn’t it breather/overflow for fuel?

Try tasting it? … a little fuel/fluid won’t do you any harm  :)

I do a line to brake dust each morning! Great for the sinuses

Overflow and breather. If it’s oily shouldn’t definitely coming from either


Smelled fuelly. Had filled up a couple of days before. Perhaps I spilled a little over the fuel cap. Odd that it dripped a couple of days later…


Possible expansion of fuel due to hot weather?hence the dripping!

If I were a gambling man I’d wager it will be coolant based gunge. Questions

Has engine been overheating?

When was the coolant last serviced and was it done properly with a full system forward and reverse flush including the reservoir tank?

Nope never overheated.

I have it serviced meticulously at Woodford Yamaha. So (hopefully) whenever the service manual says so… On around 25k miles now.

What and how they do these things. I can only presume “properly”…

You should pay more attention to the items listed on the receipt for the work carried.

Yamaha recommend coolant replacement around every 16,000 miles or two years. No idea why as coolant should be good for at least twice that, maybe the Yamaha stuff is shite? Seldom will dealers do things properly considering they’re on a fixed price for any given service and the mechanics/fitters will be on a bonus depending how quick they get the job done, expect them to cut corners everywhere they can.

When replacing coolant the entire system from the filler neck through to the expansion tank and the breather hose should be flushed with clean water in both directions to remove as much of the old coolant and the gunge that its acquired over its life span. Expect a dealer service to entail little more than draining the old coolant out and refilling the system with fresh coolant, skipping the flushing process on the basis that times money, your money, their time profit.

If you’ve not used the bike since filling it to the brim then it is the fuel overflow and nothing to worry about. Fuel like most other fluids (obviously water being the exception) expands when heated. Doesn’t look like much so if I where a gambling man I’d say that was it. Other things in that area are oil filter and sump plug. I doubt it’s anything to do with that but check it. Sure to be sure.

Water expands when it’s heated as well.

Other things in that area are the other hose!?

There are three hoses there, the two larger bore hoses are the vent and drain hoses from the fuel tank, the third smaller bore hose is the coolant expansion tank breather and is the one that is most likely to drip a gungy fluid. If it was expanding fuel being vented from the fuel tank I’d expect a fairly clean almost unnoticeable stain because of the rate in which fuel evaporates.

Although we’re only assuming the stain on the floor has exited from one of the hoses. The thing with drips is they’re so easy to diagnose, gravity only works one way! Follow the drip up to its source, if its coming from one of the hoses follow the hose. If it’s not coming from one of the hoses follow the trail.

Other general drain hose in that area is battery vent … if battery overcharging this can cause liquid venting

... I have it serviced meticulously at Woodford Yamaha... banman
I bought my R1 from Woodford.  The head mechanic/technician there is one of the directors.  He had an R1 at the time my one was being serviced there.  He was extremely thorough in his work. I used to bring him a few beers after a service, only to find out he didn't drink.  So I bought him a selection of flavoured teas the following time.  Woodford Motorcycles, from my experience, were excellent in servicing.  The only problem I ever had was not the quality of their work, but having to book the toy in for its servicing so far in advance, as in the summer, they were usually booked up about a month in advance.