What`s in a name?

Panagiotis - Post lots of random crap on LB :smiley:

psml :blush:


Put in your name…and voilà

no Alba either :angry:

I always wanted a personalised pencil case like all the other kids but nowhere ever sold them with my name on…!

From Urban Dictionary -

Karleigh24 up, 4 down
The most amazing person in the whole entire universe. She is the hottest, nicest, cutest, and most fun out of all the girls. She is the most amazing girlfriend a person could ever wish for. She has an amazing ass, body, and personality. Everything about her is amazing.
“Dayum dude Karleigh is so fine!”

Alba103 up, 25 down
This is a wor to explain an amazing person , someone who is extroardinary in their own way, someone that is not judgemental a beautiful and amazing friend to those she really cares for.

My BestFriendd’ Alba<3

Panagiotis6 up, 4 down
The greatest, most awesome being on the universe. It is every guy’s purpose to be just like him. Rumored to be Chuck Norris’s distant ancestor.
Man, I wish I were just like Panagiotis!
Oh, that guy is so hot, he looks like Panagiotis himself!

wooohooo!!! :smiley:


Karen - Huge tits, shags like a rabbit.

I don’t have huge tits…

Sarah - Hangs around with the wrong crowd, Kinky in bed, loves porn.

Bang on!

j/k :wink:

F***sake, it worked, my colleagues just got an eyeful! :wink:

lucky chap!!
and I notice, you don’t deny that you shag like a rabbit :smiley: :w00t:

Kevin - always attracts really fit girlfriends also has a large penis

i like my discription

true, unfortunately :pinch: