What, no ride-outs?


Sad to see the rideout section so bare, the ZX12 is raring to go.


Are you coming back Mr J?


if the zx12 is coming out we will be ready to follow,for a little while anyway, till some ones arse goes numb , you know this one lolbum%20edited_edited


I’m up for the jetstream comeback tour


definitely not yours i know that


Lovely to see Nat’s arse. Very shapely as ever :grin:

The Minge is not exactly ready yet but it is still here.

Just wanted to look in to see what is happening and disappointed to see not much.

Easter next year we’ll be gone to the Cumbrian Roadhouse permanently so hoping to get out on a small sortie before riding her up there.


might not be mine, but i own it lol


Definitely up for a ride with the Jets :rocket:


Been too long since I did an LB rideout!


It’s been too loooong. I wanna go now.


I will do my best to “tag” along. How’s Mrs J?


I much prefer following you now you don’t have a box on the back


Nice to see you back Chris and Julie, I hope you are both well.

Definitely miss your rideouts


I’m in and did I miss something?



Good to see you are still alive

We are too, and both well now, are you?


Good to see you back online and hear you are both well!

I don’t think anyone has filled the gap as well since you left, although a few people still try and organise rides but attendance seems to be poor.

I’m guilty of this as well as I think that last spill just got to me a bit too much so now taking it easy on my self…


Now I’m looking forward to a Jet’s rideout :grinning:


Yep, get one sorted and would hope to join up :slight_smile:


Hopes are up! :grin:


Ready to go when you are