What music are you listening to right now?

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Well they are linked on the album :smiley:

Mrs j is listening to me snoring and farting.

What more could a girl ask?

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I do like a couple of 2 Pac Songs. Like the lyrics. Deep

I wasn’t listening to anything, I was eating breakfast…but I was humming this! :smiley:


(youtube embed fail again!)

Youtube fails to ember if you change the link once the tags have been placed… the only way it will embed correctly is using the button :wink:

Button?? I clicked on ‘ifcode’ then ‘youtube’ then stuck the link in there :smiley:

A bloke who wipes his dick clean on the curtains?

my chilled play list whilst working from home, currently one of my favorite crows songs…

Derek and Clive.

(Bit of culture)

I’d never heard of them until I googled a certain c word…

That’s where you’re doing it wrong… Next to the smiley face there is a Youtube button (only on the full reply box)… a pop up will appear and you c/p the link in there

Anyway tonight I’ve gone Greek… This is one of our most well known musician, a kind of Bob Dylan equivalent in Greece… but as it’s in greek I don’t expect you to get the lyrics :smiley:

It’s all greek to me! :smiley:

And I’ve never clicked ‘new reply’! So that’ll be where I was going wrong…

What about Quote? :Whistling:

found this recently and i think its a beautiful cover

(ps thanks Alex (the greek one) i wouldnt have known how to work this out, lol)



I’ve got Body Count on… ah memories


I notice you didn’t put either of the really offensive ones up! :smiley:

I was going to put on Evil Dick but I always had a thing for Momma’s Gotta Die Tonight… :smiley:

Best intro to a song ever…

Alba that is lovely, we thought we liked the original, this is more sexy, even without dogs:kiss: