What makes a good bike for London riding?

Your thoughts welcome!

a supermoto :cool:

600 Hornet. Small light and manouverable but with an ex-sportsbike engine tuned for mid-range.

Will also exceed 130 mph so no slouch when you are out of town.

A bike that is more than the sum of it’s parts and keeps poking you in the ribs to take the p1ss at every available opportunity. :hehe:

+1 on the 600 Hornet - the older ones (03- 08) are better than the newer ones in my mind. Less nickable than Supermotos. A better town bike than the Street Triple - better steering lock. And the Striple R’s suspension is a bit stiff for Londons potholes and crappy roads. I know I’ve got a Hornet and a Striple R.
And on the Hornet out on the twisties you can harass those people who bought sportsbikes but cannot ride them to save their life.

I’ve had more fun and excitement on the Hornet than I’ve experienced on 750/1000cc machines, as the Hornets power and charachteristics are more suited to taking advantage of the whole range of real world situations/roads than higher spec/more focused bikes.

The bike is also just fun, it’s got this cheeky thing going on like a small terrier - show it a sports bike and it will have you going for the overtake at the first available opportunity. :smiley:

honda CB1 pick on up for 500 quid… leave it anywhere, very narrow, low seat does not mind speed bumps or pavement hopping.

Another old fave - the Honda Bros 650:

Seem to remember it being popular with couriers back in the day.

Loving the responses so far as the Hornet was one bike I was considering after passing my test! Though I’ve emailed Steve on the site about a diversion he has for sale. I’d like as a first bike to get something I can do a bit of work on, learn a bit about it and stuff and not be too worried, concentrate on being a good rider etc.

I kinda wish a beginner bike existed that had as phat a rear tyre as the Hornet but was a v twin. It also seems to really suck on fuel.

Something naked so when you have a spill, get’s knocked over, or drop this is minimal damage.

Any Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki 500 to 650cc bike will do. Anything over five years old will be cheap as chips.

If you want a twin then a faired/unfaired SV650 is a pretty tidy bike.

Though comfort would be good as I am planning a big trip to Eastern Europe for six weeks next August, :slight_smile:

Get a k4 cbf 600 - good around town, upright riding position and fairing for distance work.

Everyone knows which camp I’m in. If its A-B commuting then, sure, get the Hornet/Bros etc. If you want every ride to work to be the biggest giggle you ever had on a bike you need to get the Tard. You’ll be trying to slide the back end around in every other corner when it rains, you’ll believe that wet white lines, spilt sand and gravel are only there for your amusement!

SM’s make you feel so when it does go wrong, if you’re still in one piece, you know that you’ll still be riding back home. Even if you’re not in one piece, you’ll still be riding it home, a BCR regular had to be forced into an Ambulance 30mls from home cause he wanted to ride his SM home with a snapped collar bone. The down side is they do make you ride like a

Plus, although it never worked for me, SM’s make you 100% irresistible to to everyone, not just the opposite sex!

Would love to try a tard at some point - any recommendations Sneaky?

I rode my bro in laws KTM 950 down the road once - is that a ‘proper’ tard?

Thats a tourer, you need summit with plenty-o-rust!

I dont know what the local Oneway System looks like to you, but…

Yeah, i was guessing the KTM was a bit of a ‘wannabe’ tard by your standards Sneaky. :smiley:

Must be good in the snow with a set of knobblies no?


No, it’s not a propper tard, it’s cheap to buy and run (fuel, insurance, 6000 miles service intervals, bullet proof engine), comfy enough to tour for many days (they have been a favourite to tour through Africa), perfect commuter, and don’t worry, whatever they say, you can still keep up with most of the BCR lot up to about 90-100mph if can ride propperly.

I regret selling mine and wish I kept it as a commuter/bad weather bike, considering how much money I got for mine.

I ride a pile of rust!

I have just put tyres on my Tard that could cope to some degree with snow, unfortunately its me that couldn’t cope! We did the snow thing some years back…that was stupidity!

It was below freezing and just turning to slush when this image was taken. on BT090’s and a seized rear shock tickover in 2nd gear was just varying degrees of wheelspin!:hehe:

Thanks Driesie - I really like the XT and was looking at some used ones the other day. Will investigate further. :cool:

Anyway - I’m feeling guilty now as I’'ve hijacked the thread a bit - BACK ON TOPIC!

Take a look at the Yamaha Fazer mate - excellent bike around town and foor distance:

Looks like a laugh! Will definitely have to go down the moto route while I’m still young enough! ;):smiley: