What Lid Do You Wear?!?

I have an Arai Chaser Wraith and the missus has a Shoei XR-1000 and even though I strongly recommended an Arai, Shoei was the style she preferred.

I just wanted to get a show of hand’s as to the type of lid you wear and what your preferred choice of make is?!??!?!?!?

Arai RX 7 :slight_smile:

Shoei XR1000 - preferred the fit of the Shoei & I like the side on profile of it etc etc :slight_smile:

had a KBC, decent enough lid, now wear a HJC, i cant really fault it, better all round vison than the KBC,and it NEVER mists up:D:P

I want a shiny new one… tee hee tee hee :smiley: Sorry, it’s the full moon :smiley:

I have a HJC one, I want a better one. I like the one on LB home page… but I wanted the Diablo… just didn’t have that many notes.

I have 2 XR1000’s…one plain black for everyday use, one Karl Harris rep (signed) that I don’t want to spoil

Shoe Raid II in matt black.

But now I am hankering after the Shoei or Schuberth flip instead. It’s always what you haven’t got…

Arai Corsair RX7, just because it fitted really well and was a strong lid from a well known and trusted manufacturer, when you don’t know much about helmets it’s reassuring to get one that’s supposed to be near the top of the pile.

Ive got the Matt Black Caberg Trip (the flip front one with internal flip down black visor)

I love it…

But i quite fancy the Arai Tour X…

AGV GP-Pro in black-gunmetal-silver.

You need to be careful with airvent switches - pay peanuts - get monkeys.

shoei x1 for the R1

HJC blue for the bandit

HJC redish for the other bikes and go karting

Open face helmet when cruising on the gt 750

nothing when on the quad bike…

And me other one is for the ladies only…

twostrokeliveon: I think you need a few more lids…:wink:

Just kidding, I may invest in another lid soon too, will defo be another Arai though as I prefer the shape of the shell.

Unfortunatley my head doesnt get on wiv arai or shoei they never fit me right(xtra small head)So its agv for me just got me a stealth and its lovely…Goes well wiv the 4 other agv’s i got oh and me Laser jet mask wiv mohican for me scooter journeys:D

HJC FS-MAX flip for training new riders as it makes it easier to talk to them when stopped without having to keep taking my lid off. The HJC fits well and allows room for the intercom I have to use.

I have a Nitro and a BOX for track days, and a Shoei Flip front which I use for boring motorway journeys as it is quiet (for a flip - most are nosier than non-flips…)… I have a lid on for 10 hours a day most days of the week :frowning:

You better believe it with the zx 10 will come new leathers, helmet, boots and gloves…all green…and maybe even green LED’s just to offend everyone…except slarty

Arai RX7-RRIV Light as a feather, strong as an ox but noisey as f*ck:w00t:

I have AGV Ait-Tech and recently I bought Caberg V2.

2 Shoei XR1000’s

2 shoei raid 2’2

& a agv…not worn as strap has no clip

i have Shoei,

Just got a new Arai Profile sinister, love the design

2nd choice would have been the Shoei Diabolic 2 Tc-5