What is the longest ownership on here?

How long have you owned a particular bike? Not looking for time owning various bikes…just the one you “will never sell”.

I’ll start with my 1965 Ducati 200 Elite…33 years

The longest that I have owned a bike is 19 months!

Only had my licence 34 months!

Thatll be my hornet replica minimoto…6 years and counting…oh yeah and my raleigh mag wheels bmx bike -24 years:D Fraid motybikes come and go but me bmx well c’mon:cool:

think i may well keep my SV for quite a while - wanna do so much stuff to it!

14 months, but it feels like longer.

Had my last bike 13 years, always promised I’d do something with it, I did, I got rid of it!

14 years and still going. RGV 250 in black.

Only problem is 13 1/2 yrs ago lent it to a [then] mate for a test ride, who rode off and, as far as I know, is still going… :crying: …b*stard!

Police not interested, but they did let me off a half dozen or so taking off without payings that bothered them more.

So, the morals are: don’t trust your mates & don’t expect much from the Police when you need them. :slight_smile:

15 years or so FZR400SP:cool:

31 years, come August, air head BMW R80/7RS with some (then) handy aftermarket bits. In pretty good nick under the dust sheet, well, except for a couple of small bits of mechanical needed, last time I looked.

Other bikes come and go but the BM is in my will. Love to see the guys “what the f*ck” face when he finds out.

Had a Yamaha Virago XV750 for 10 years. Loved that bike, wasn’t without its problems but I did abuse it every day for my work commute as well as a few ultra long-distance rides with a pillion and a ton of luggage. With its screen, comfy seat and laid-back riding position, it was great for motorway work, and I loved the look of it. Only sold it when forks started to rust and it was uneconomical to repair. Would have replaced it with a new one if they still made them.

(sorry just realised this isn’t relevant as your question is about bikes we still own… doh!)

The longest boast I can make is 11 months (Fireblade). I do lots of miles so change bikes regularly (and I get bored with the ride).

I fully intend to keep the 2 I’ve now got for far longer as they are both awesome!

i tend to change bikes when they need new tyres:P SV is the only one that has survived the dreaded tyre change:cool:

3 years for the CBF500, been riding 4 years so a nice ratio there.

my 1980 yammi has been here for 14 years and had my gamma 3 years.:smiley: