What is the Best Way of...

So, now that the temperature has dropped a few degrees, I am wearing my warm LB hoodie… But noticed that this, on top of my work shirt really gets creased by the time I get to work after my 45 minute commute in the mornings.

So, what is the best way to get a crisply ironed shirt to work?

I do take a rucksack to work and was thinking of putting it in a box file or something like that…? I know, a little vein.

Suggestions much appreciated.

Topbox if you have one. Then you can leave more at work fresh as a daisy! :slight_smile:

stick your wife and the iron in the rucksack as well.

jobs done.


It’s only a 30l rucksack :hehe:

If you are as vain as I used to be, you will buy 10 shirts, keep them all at work, and every Friday take 5 to the local dry cleaners for laundry and ironing, and every Monday collect again. most do a 5 shirt bundle deal, and can be a as little as a tenner a week.

got to be a minimum of 10 shirts to for the system to work though, you need an overlap in case you cant collect on a Monday because of some sh1tty meeting, and you don’t want to get stuck in the red shirt on a Tuesday, blue on a Wednesday pattern rubbish, you need enough to be able to mix it up so no-one notices.

I can’t be arsed any more and just wear polo shirts to work now, un-ironed I might add.

I just wear my jacket with liner over my work shirt and there is no problem. You need to buy non iron shirts from M&S …they are the best!