what is the best and cheapest 3 layers Gore Tex jacket out there??


been looking at gore tex jackets with 3 layers and they all seem to be above 500 quid 

anyone knows of a brand that does good jackets with reasonable prices

Look on eBay I got a full bikers brand Gortex suit worth £400 for £60 posted that was as good as new

Not sure what 3 layers are but I bought dainese goretex jackets for around 350ish brand new from Bikestop

So far so good but don’t use it daily. It did keep.me.bone dry in torrential rain in Lake district but it was brand new there

yeah, if you want cheap then look on ebay 2nd hand and re-waterproof them

What size are you?

I has a used motorcycle jcket for sale, its not Gortex, its not virtually new, its used, its cheap, its warm, its windproof, its waterproof.

Its an all season touring/commuting jacket that will keep you warm and dry throughout whatever the British weather can throw at you.

Its XL somewhere between Art and bluelagos.

By number of layers, do you mean the 3-layer Goretex Pro Shell, rather than a membrane? If so - although it’s not 3 layer, but 2 layer laminated shell - J&S are currently doing the Klim Blade jacket for £300, down from £439. I picked one up last week and can recommend, already been through some awful weather with nothing getting through. Otherwise definitely eBay.

You could try

I think he should try my Frank Thomas :wink: