What is it with some women?

What is it with some women who give you the come on, tell you to email them to arrange meeting up one weekend after you get an obvious set of green lights from them to ask them out and then completely blank you once they have got what they wanted - e.g. you caving in and asking them out.

Any suggestions?

This has happened a few times now and frankly I’m starting to lose trust in the opposite sex. :angry:

Women are a tricky species that no one man can ever truely understand. Their emotions appear to be random and reactions to almost any behaviour could be completely volatile.

Messing, but sorry to hear you are having problems. I sometimes find tackful questioning can lead to a good explanation. Maybe ask her straight out “you seemed to be interested in me last week, but your behaviour towards me has completely changed, why is that?”.

See what she says? :frowning:

I personally dont know any women like this, and I certainly am not like this, have you tried not caving in, and holding out longer? :smiley: Do you approach them on the first date with a huge erection or something? Maybe they are scared of it :w00t::w00t:

I have no idea why some women give a bloke the come-on when they dont mean it, i do know that eventually they run out of local blokes to wind up though :wink:

I guess people who lead people on (be they male or female), do so because they want to feel attractive.

You’re being nice too easily… feel free to make them work for your attention.

For a laugh, read a book called ‘The Game’ by Neil Strauss. I can give it to you in PDF format if you can’t find it.

Or maybe you just haven’t found the right one yet. I had decided to give the female side a go, went on an online dating site, and met my boyfriend, Doug, by accident. We’ve been together 7 years now …ahhhhhh:D

Meanwhile, on another site: :wink:

sometimes this happens if you give the impession your a real ‘nice guy’ thats not to say being a C*%£NT can make it better. but dont be tooooo nicey nicey.

treat em mean eh? lol

u my friend are obviously too easy :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve heard of this the game thing…

It would be easier to find the holy grail and work out the meaning of life than
phatum out how women work.

I have a lot of friends who are into this “game” thing. It’s also known as PUA or pick-up artistry.

I’ve heard a lot about it and warn you that it’s very unhealthy and dishonest. Reading Neil Strauss’ book could be a bit of fun, but thats how my friends started and got sucked into the world of PUA, which operates in a very similar way to cults.

Be warned.

we (well lots of us) do the same thing but after we have slept with them.

been with the same girl for 5 years and still cant make sense of her :ermm: :hehe:

She’s just one of the bads ones. Just move on and enjoy life m8.
There’s a few of us gooduns out there so you’ll find one eventually! :smiley:

I’ve also been with my girl for 5 years and don’t know what the hell is going on sometimes. I drive her mad too, but at least I’m predictable!

time for pay back:D

Thanks for the replies - to be honest I worked her out from day one (I have been working alongside her for a few weeks).

She’s a very pretty girl who obviously gets and expects a lot of attention from men - I thought - right your not gonna get any interest off of me because your so used to it it means nothing to you.

I played it cool for weeks - she has a good sense of humour and we took the **** out of each other in a good natured kind of way for weeks - in my last week when she knew I was leaving there was obvious sexual tension coming from her - she deffo was interested in me - and even then - I knew that the reason was probably because I hadn’t sucked up to her in the way just about every other guy she meets does.

Anyway - last day we go to the pub for a leaving drink - and I get a very obvious and not so subtle come on - ok I think - I know that you are vain and shallow (probably because you are very pretty and have never had to do any work to snag a man - they just come to you like a magnet) - but I can’t keep up the ‘I’m not interested’ attitude and walk away and spend the rest of my life wondering if she was for real or not.

So being a red blooded male I pop the question as we are leaving - e.g. do you want to go out one weekend - do something nice etc. She says email me - i do - and then what do you know - no response! What a suprise.

Just another vain shallow little girl wanting attention.

Oh well.

Next! :smiley:

From this post, it sounds like you are a thoughtful and senstitive dude, so her loss.

Who knows, she might be trying to play it cool and wait before emailing. If not, no loss. Sure theres plenty of totty around the office who would be grateful for some attention! :wink:

Thats not what a red blooded male would do!! :w00t::w00t: