what is it about some riders

i’d just like to know whats going on with some people, seems to me your average r1, blackbird or busa owner has no time for smaller/dirtyer/older bike riders and often have no bike control skill either

oh my some of the tits i meet, they think theyre riding gods

this one bloke almost had me off today, i’m riding down a one way highstreet with some busses about 500 yards ahead and another one way side street 100 yards ahead, so i’m goin to slow dowm for the busses.

all of a sudden this stupid lookin dude on a red 05 r1 comes out of the side street (the wrong way aswell) he’s doin 30 or 40 i manage to avoid this twat and then trys to race me

he slams on his brakes for those two busses and filter past him about 35

probably only had his licence a couple of months

well thats me out, then being above average in most things i would think so…

i found the opposite, had a beat up commuting cbr600 and most people seemed cool and friendly, stopped commuting and bought a (at the time) almost brand new r1, as soon as i went out on it noticed that almost every other biker has to get past you/overtake in death defying moves. Presumeably so they can go to a meet/pub/out with friends and regale stories about how great they are because they “did” this r1…

try overtaking my bike on a trackday, not when i’m wearing jeans riding with the traffic on the way to me mums house for a cuppa…

rant over

Seems like some people forget what bike they learnt to ride on, and how they felt when riding it, eh! There’s a big attraction for some people in just going straight to the poser style. A shame, eh! I’ve seen some shocked faces before when I’ve turned up to Soho on a Friday night, not on my gixxer, but on my Yamaha RXS 100(cc, two stoke) classic bike, hehe. Sod em!

yeah, you tell him

I met some lovely lass at the lights in Hammersmith today in a Suomy helmet on a blade who was pretty cool.

Oooh…Yammy RXS100… I still love those little things! Passed my test on a brand new hired one of those. Felt like shit off a shovel compared to my AR50.

Dont ya just gotta love dem strokers…

Nice on Jay. Must say I do tend to get everyone trying to pass me as no-one seems to know how to class the DRZ (or it could be my fat arse is holding them up!)

Hehehe, the RXS is fun! I have a great time on it. It’s got no brakes to speak of, but can go like a little bumble-bee through traffic, it makes fun out of bigger bikes if it wants to. Definately worth a giggle once in a while.

It’s off the road at the mo though, awaiting new inner-tube and drum-pads to be installed. I’ve got them, just can’t work out how to fit them, heh.

Bikes are like trainer fashion, having a pair of Nike trainers doesn’t make you Linford Christie any more than owning an R1 makes you Rossi.

One of the reasons I got my CB1300 is that compared to sports bikes I test rode it didn’t get any agression at lights from people wanting to have a go; but seeing their suprise when i let rip makes it all the more worthwhile

I always get a startled look when I let rip. Closely followed by removal from the premises.

Quote: I always get a startled look when I let rip. Closely followed by removal from the premises.

i must admit, i was a wee bit put off when i went to cubana, and 90% of people on here have sports bikes, and i turn up on my 98 fazer!

though, sports bikes age very quickly i think, and i personally would give a 7 or 8 yr old tricked up hornet/bandit/fazer/wotever a second glance more than i would a 2 r old sportsbike

ive got mates on sportsbikes, and met some really friendly people, but i know there are also allot of people who buy the, and think theyre too good for the rest of us…

You’ll get my respect for a 98 Fazer. My first ever bike you see. Brand spanking, red and very lovely. Wish I still had it for everyday riding and touring.

Top bike.

I’m always friendly and give a nod to other bikers, no matter what they are riding. My bike does tend to attract stupid fvckers though who probably wanna go down the pub and say: “I raced a guy on a ZX12R today and beat him!” … most of the time, I just can’t be bothered. There’s nothing to prove.

Having said all that, if I’m actually in a hurry, even couriers can’t pass me in traffic!

Steve, don’t be put off, it doesn’t matter what bike we all ride, we all have the same passion for biking. I have a dirt-bike, a classic bike and a sportsbike. All completely different, but all the same in some ways (two wheels, loves corners, nice noise, etc).

I don’t think it’s fair to taint all sports-bike riders with the same brush. I’ve only met a very small number of people who ride sports-bikes and have a snobby attitude, the vast majority are regular bikers! Also, most bikes sold in the UK are sports-bikes, so it’d have to be a very big brush

Mate, youre still a biker in my eyes and so is anyone else on two wheels. Respect to all of you. Were a minority group and need to look after each other, which is what is so good about LB, it bring us all together whatever our culture, bike or anything else.
Thats whats so good about biking, you never know who you`re going to meet.

what gets me is dudes on a bike when they see it’s a bird on a firestorm! They either give me plenty of room (:blink or let me go first displaying their chauvinistic side.

Well guys my bikes have a combined age of 32 years old…
93 Blade
93 900SS
2000 mv agusta f4

I bought the first two in various states of dissrepair and spent a lot of time putting them back together and looking after them over the years.

The blade, if a little tatty (my everyday workhourse) seems to attract a lot of attention cos of people who like to reminisce… as they may have owned one in the past. Its the most reliable and fun bike I have had and I just could not let her go bits are really cheap too one of the benefits of the older bikes, not to mention the insurance on a ‘classic’ haha

I get the most issues with the MV, I have not taken it out much as people seem to think that you are either Agostini and have to overtake you at ANY opportunity or race you off the lights or they just jump on it when you park it up just so they can say they have been on one… weird all they need to do is ask me, after all it is polite and at ~250 quid a brake lever its not the thing I want to, or anybody else to, drop…

Its weird really I think the key is that a lot of people think that to go fast on the road you need the latest greatest fastest bike… they dont realise that its actually the rider. My brother races classic bikes and sails past me with ease on his 1973 Norton commando, and surprises a lot of sports bike riders as well very funny :o) a whole debate in itself really.

Bottom line is that I always have the most respect for other riders regardless of their bike. I mean how many car drivers do you exchange nods with on the road :o) there will always be a few who make their own rules though… it always catches them out in the end though.


LOL This sounds like me (without the trying to race everything in sight :blush

I can’t help buying a bike that I have wanted for 10 years, I just can’t ride the bloody massive thing hey ho!. Maybe back to a 400 very soon, just need the right offer for mine