What is it about MCN

Has anyone read last weeks copy?

I have always noticed with MCN that whatever bike is the latest out it’s automatically better in everyway and every other bike in the class is utter poo in comparison.

They have done it again with the litre bike text last week. The GSXR 1000 came fourth! Saying it’s too road biased, not enough power up the rev range compared to the others. Also it’s slow round the track etc.

What a load of old poo in my opinion!

That will be because the stories need to be news worthy.

Can you imagine “We have nothing new to tell you …”. So the main stories are sensationalised to grab your attention.

How many people would buy a bike (or not) based on an MCN review, how many of those guys actually own a bike of their own, spend a chunk of their income on bikes each year or really socialise with bikers ?

OK, who wants the soapbox now ?

Not enough power, slow round the track, road biased… LOL… they’ve clearly never seen Joe’s or my gixxers! And yes, it’s all about sensationalism.




Anymore? But be imaginative, we all know the ‘c’ word would fit so try something else…

Well there ZX and Blade are new bikes so it may be the case that there now better, but the R1 is more or less the same as last year and they did slag it off and said the Gixxer was 10000x’s better.

O well I suppose most magazines just go on who endorses the most money

MCN is a load of old crap, I never read it and when I do pick up a copy, I think why did I bother its like RIDE magazine I find it so dry and bland and ponit less to me so people love it.

I have bought MCN 3x in my life and thats only because there is one good thing in it!!!

FWIW, I agree. MCN is garbage now. There is so little factual info in it, and the clothing and product “guides” are just pictures of different kit with prices - no reviews or anything.

I liked the old v new articles but they have dried up.

The bikemart section is bare (power of the net I suppose).

All in all a load of rubbish.

BUT FOR SOME STRANGE REASON I BUY IT EVERY DAMM WEEK. Are there any MCN-anonymous classes to help me withdraw please??

If you want to really ditch that MCN habit, you need to meet someone who works on it. Once this takes place you will lose all desire to place any money in that direction.

On a serious note, I find it hard to accept a review of anything given for free. If they spent their own cash on a lid or set of leathers, then I would have a interest in their experience of a product.

When it comes to an all expenses paid jolly to test ride a new bike, dare they say anything truly negative. Very rarely I would wager.

Rarely a week goes by without spotting some kind of error in MCN, they call it typo error. Having spent 4 days in the company of 2 well known journalists last year and reading their reports of the event is mind boggling.

More Complete Nonsense?

Thank you, at last

More Crap N…er…um…ah…nougat?

Basically it’s sh1te.

Not that I am standing up for MCN in any shape or form but last weeks litre test was for the track and the ZX10 came out tops. They have already said that the road section is this week and I believe that they have already answered the question, the GSXR1000 is more road biased than the rest now which should presumably mean that it comes out top on the road test, we shall see tomorrow.

At the end of the day, where do you ride your bike? Most will say the road so having a track test is pretty irrelevant.