What is going on?

OK, for the last three weeks there have been people in yellow bibs sitting at various junctions around Hammersmith Bridge, Barnes and Roehampton. Does anyone know what these people are doing? I would imagine it’s a census of some kind but I would really like to know what for. Maybe it’s Ken thinking about extending the Congestion Zone again [sigh].

Answers on a postcard

I’ve seen them in Camden on Kentish Town road by the tube station and on the Waterloo Bridge this morning as well…

No idea what they’re doing though. Friends of mine in Edinburgh were paid to go and sit by the road and count cars when they were thinking of bringing in a congestion charge there- could be something similar? (I know the congestion charge already covers the Waterloo Bridge).

Seen this round my way too - they were sitting at the end of the slip of the Black Prince turn off on the A2 the other day

I’ve noticed them around Grosvenor Road and Chelsea Embankment as well … no idea what they are doing either, other then sitting around with their clipboards looking official.

Probably monitoring traffic flow etc.

yeah counting up how much more they can shaft the motorist for [ well its true aint it ] makes me wonder what is coming next.

Or are we back on Nutter alert

Nope, that’s just me babes [phew] I was worried there

I`ve noticed these people aswell on the A414.

They were on the A10 a couple of weeks ago, sitting in deckchairs