what is faster an MV Agusta 1000 or...........read on? (One for You VinnieMV)

Very Interesting comparisson of lots of really fast cars, a plane and an MV Agusta.
17 pages and loads of statistics.

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Although our bikes pretty much slaughter any car out there, the higher the speeds are the less our acceleration advantage becomes. I have smoked many fast cars, Lambos’ 911’s etc. But If I was rolling at 120mph + and had a 911 turbo in my mirrors I would have a tough time. And If we accelerated from that speed then it would not be long before the 911 passed me! Saying that tho, I only have a TL1000S, not the fastes bike out there!!

Interesting figures - shame that they didn’t have a few more bikes - including a race prepared one since thay had race prepared cars. But interesting none the less

It goes to show the level of performance of a modern Superbike! The slowest car there has around 500bhp. And yes It may have a higher top speed then the MV1000 but in the real world the MV or any other big bike will rape that car!

I would have like to see a turbocharge Hayabusa!

you tube etc are full of videos of cars smoking r1s, haybusas, etc etc in those roll on examples.

Kings of the Road Preview…


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Duc vs Lambo


F1 vs Bike vs Boat