what is everyone doing for new year's eve

well?, family or friends?..

im away to new york later tonight for a few days to celebrate with my family out there!.

Foxy and I are taking a MUCH deserved break to Seville, in Spain for a week. I’ve not had any holiday for a couple of years now, so am really looking forward to it! Hope everyone has a nice, and safe night!

Being a sado and doing sweet F.A more than likely.

Getting drunk in Sydney and watching the fireworks at Sydney Harbour Bridge

wish I’d stayed out there for Xmas & New Year Now!!!

Thats not good is it!

Nope, was ment to have a fancy dress party like last year but being in Aus left it too late to sort things out.

I’ll just have some beers and enjoy my friend Maryjoanna

I’m sure one of the peeps on here is having a decent party you can crash

I’m goin’ ta P A R T why, coz I godda

millimonster-whatwas that about?


milliemonster-maryjoanne so!



LOL, sorry was trying to be subtle. Going to get stoned

It’s my birthday so I’ll be out celebrating being 21 again !

Oot with mate who’s heading over to Canada to live next year, so it’ll be a big one in Stevenage I dare say.

So I imagine a 50+inch plasma,an Xbox360, Curry, Beer, Project Gotham Racing, a small dog, women, carpet stains, bed, asprin, snow, and Jonathon Ross will all feature at some point, but not necessarily in the order listed

millemonster-oh i was wondering if it was slang for something,i know most but just couldnt get that one soz!I thought maybe u had bought yourself a new friend!! ha ha LOL

Nar my inflatable friends have not turned up yet, been a xmas rush on them…

Well I’ll be just going to my mates house as we can’t think of anything to do lol, but new years isn’t all that to me as its my birthday on the 2nd

Well happy birthday for the 2nd!