What I got up to on the weekend - Devon, Somerset, Exmoor, Beaches!

Basically a cracking 460 miles from London to ports West. Superb weather, great riding and all importantly a sandy beach with waves!

It’s a long report when you have time - http://kapitalmoto.co.uk/node/120





Gorgeous pics mate! Thanks for sharing

Fantastic pictures…Looks lovely < Green with envy mate

Lovely pictures Phil. There’s such a nice set of roads down there, I’m envious you got to try them out!

Great Pics…North Devon is soooooo Beautiful and the roads are fab, but need to make sure your brakes are in tip top condition in the Lynton/Lynmouth area…(those hills are killers…he eh) …we went in June and going back again soon but for longer this time…

I read your report and just wanna go back again now…

Still this time taking car, bike and horse riding gear so all modes of transport will be covered

Nice picx and bike dude but what pipes do you have?