What i got up to last Fri for my 40th !!

Yes i know its four wheels and will be a while till i get one :cool:


nice car, did you drive it? or just pose? :stuck_out_tongue:


how fast compared to your bike? [i dunno what your bike is but that black thing in your avatar looks rapid!]

It was at Thruxton and yes had 6 laps should of only had 4 but the driver said he was impressed with my driven, i had about 150mph out of it but it didnt feel fast coz on a race track. And it was in the rain and compared to the Stealth who knows, the owner said he wouldnt be able to keep up with the bike from a standing start but still a very very fast car and i want one so watch this space !!

nice! good way to spend your 40th!

Very nice mate!

very very cool :D:):smiley:

me steve and stace pulled out behind one comming bk from chelsea bridge, you could feel the vibrations from the burberling engine, awsome car

Its my 40th this year and thats given me an idea.

It cost ยฃ379 which is not cheap but your treated like a VIP, and where else is there to drive a supercar !!

'Kin nice motor!

see a sky blue one go up goswell road last week, oh man it made some noise!:smiley:

Sat behind a ferrari 430 the other day, sounded awsome, looked awsome, kept blipping the throttle and giving it some on the straights, he never left me once and then I cruised past him when he got stuck in traffic.

140k vs 5k of bike, bike wins on the day.

hehe i like it when that happens:D i can only do so much on me lil SV tho:w00t::smiley: