What I Found

Saw this in a garage at one of the houses we were seeing over the weekend:):slight_smile: Wonder if he would throw it in with the house if we give it a good offer lol. I estimate the value at over £10k probably higher??



Precisely which state in America are you looking for a house?? :D:D


Yep, I suppose if you’re really unlucky he might leave it behind:hehe::hehe:

He he:):slight_smile: the bloke is really into the whole American Dream thing.

No Sh!t!;):smiley:

Wonder if he wants to join the vtwin massive? Looks like he would fit right in…especially as the bike has never seen rain:P

I’ll never understand the customised chopper thing. All pose as far as I can tell. Watch American Chopper and the talk is all ``Oh Dude, that’ll look awsome’’ and not about improving the bike’s performance. I’d rather have a bike that goes like the clappers and looks like the cat just threw it up rather than some custom effort that pees itself at the sight of a corner.

I’d want a discount if he left that behind!!! :w00t: :smiley:

nah it looks cool, I dont do the chopper thing either but it certainly looks good…


I bet he voted for Bush. . . :Whistling: