What helmet?

Currently looking for a second helmet as I dont think having one is enough.

I know there have been debates about Arai/Shoei being the best. I love my Arai Astro. Its fantastic apart from the noise at high speeds. I want an alternative, preferable open face/flip up, and I am open to suggestion.

Ahem I would also like an open face one so I can scream at people in a fit of road rage when they get on my nerves as my Astro doesnt allow for abusive language to be heard.

So suggestions if you please ladies and gentlemen

Caberg Justissimo

or if you have money to burn get a ROOF

And what High speeds have you done in your Arai Chocfawn ?

Yes yes you joker you. Just keep up the barrage of comments. Will get you back one day somehow

How bout this



I have no doubts you will !

I have a Caberg Justissimo, decent enough lid, love the flip front so I dont have to take my specs off when putting it on and love the flip down sun visor. It is a bit noisy though.

Got a new Astro cheap in the for sale section.

Arai’s are quiet, certainly quieter than Suomy’s and the like. What’s the one Matt has? That’s meant to be the most quiet, as tested in various mags recently. Are you using ear-plugs? Are those flip-up lids as safe as full-face lids? I have visions of them smashing open upon impact.

I am thinking of getting the Caberg Justissimo as mentioned above. Even though they are flip front, Caberg supplies the helmets the UK police forces use. Thats got to be a good thing

I had a serious crash last year wearing a Caberg Justissimo and Teknic textile jacket and trousers.

All my gear did so well that I replaced it with the same gear. Helmet was so good, in fact, that my mate also went and got one, even though he had just replaced his.

Purplepower, is that the same one I know? Sam?

I have an agv as my nice lid and a hjc when im just around town and poss do some shopping etc…cos i know it will get scratched etc…

AGV is awesome, barro will agree (he has the same lid) removable washing machinable liner etc…only thing i would critisice is u need a different foggy for it…which i havent bothered to sort out yet but will…

just make sure it fits. Certain brands suit people’s head shapes better than others. Ear Plugs should remove the noise issue, and handily block any snappy retorts from the victim of your verbal barrage

Flip open lids are no doubt handy, but unless you really intend to engage people in deep conversations whilst out and about, I wouldn’t unless I was sure I could get one as safe, light and comfortable as a full face type.

arai every time.

try http://www.bikersbargains.co.uk/

I paid £280 for my Astro instead of the RRP of £400.

good luck!

If you want a flipper try a Schuberth (MatCBF has one of these) and I had a big off in one and it did it’s job well - they make lids for BMW and some Police.

Roof are cool but I found them noisey.

You do need to try a lot though as the fit is the key thing at the end of the day - just view it as an extended shopping trip!!!

Are you going to try and impersonate one of them then?

I only wear Arai, they fit nice and snug for me, unlike any others that I have tried. At legal speeds, they are quiet enough, even better if you wear ear plugs. Personally I will only wear a full face helmet. The chin bar has saved me a lot of damage on a previous occasion, if there were to be another instance, I would like the protection as I quite like my jaw and face as it is.

Really Chuffster? And what does J reckon to that last statement hehe ?

Yes the Schuberth is an amazing lid - very very quiet and so comfortable… they have an offer on their flip ups at the mo - go see James at Infinity on Great Portland Street - he’ll sort you out.


cheers Matt

Yes it’s me hun