What happens when you hit a pheasant at 250 KPH

Ooops, I bet that put the girlfriend off.






F me, thats a lot of damage for a bird to have caused.

Hit a bird at 120 mph on the ring a couple of years ago and thought someone had thrown a rock at me, smashed visor and ratchet mechanism to pieces. Had to run around for the rest of the trip with a visor gaffer taped on to the lid. My ears were ringing for a whole day afterwards. Caused a right mess to bike and clothes, top fairing cradle must have sliced it up, very messy.

“F me, thats a lot of damage for a bird to have caused.”

A woman scorned mate lol

thats not what you want when you say you want a bird to give you head in the front of the car

That was horrible eh?


mmmmm pheasant smoothie anyone ?

Gross, they must have been covered in all that stuff as well.

Poor peasant… That is so snobby… next time they should go for some Aristocrats…

Hmm, Well I wouldn’t like to hit one; and in any case its a Poor Mans Porsche, if it was a GT2 or Carrera4 Sports it would be a different story…


Speaking of car destructions…Be careful how you’re breaking up with your girlfriends.

I would cry…


I wouldnt cry but i might kill…

Oh no! I cant believe that! Does the insurance pays it?

Try…I can help, that would be fun

Looks like a scene from Pulp Fiction


they dont need insurance coz its a porsche company car. know the picture and its taken from porsches racetrack in south germany. its located in the forest and wild nature so they have often contact with animals. (but the press cant look inside)

anyway - the insurance in germany is paying contacts to wild animals and windows are paid general when you have the so-called “teilkasko”.

wolfma, I believe bike2travel was reffering to the BMW M3 not to the Porsche

ups - think you´re right.

Yes, I was talking about the M3 but Wolfma your explanation was more than welcome! Nice to know that? Can you get more pics or info about this German secret test area ?? lol

as you wrote - SECRET. no pics

but sometimes you can see disguised cars on the motorways here. so called “erlkönige” (prototypes). but they are to fast to take a picture…