What happened?

last post are dated yesterday, is everything allright now?

It wasnt me, honest!! :Wow:

Our hosts suffered a catastrophic hardware failure last night and it’s taken them until now to get it resolved. God knows why. I’m really sorry everyone had to go without their LB fix for most of the day!

I have aged about two years in this day alone. Very stressful. No damage to the site or our servers, just a problem with the hosts infrastructure.

We’ll be taking steps to guard against this sort of thing again.

Good to see everything is OK.

Thanks for all your hard work Jay and Co.:cool:

I was getting withdrawal symptoms but I’m okay now:crazy:

Sometimes you need to lose something to be able to appreciate it :slight_smile:

I lost some hair today I think. I miss it, it’s true.

Oh man, I need a holiday.

Imagine the amount of work people have done in their proper jobs today :smiley:

Good it’s back. I had to work as hard as never today :slight_smile: Didn’t have anything else to do actually :smiley: