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What happened to the butt plug / ear plug thread?

Are we being censored?

Someone pulled the plug?

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LOL. Very good.

The thread started showing up in search results ahead of the logo being chosen, so it had to come down, unfortunately.


In other words, put a sock in it! :wink:

On my blog for my time in Lagos, I once wrote a story about the time I came across a traffic jam caused by a load of midgets from Gambia selling videos of their latest film. In it, I pondered whether the film was “dwarf porn”.

That entry has been taken down now, but to this day, the second and third highest search to link to said blog are for “Dwarf porn” and “African dwarf porn”.

Reckon you can now expect a similar uplift in traffic too :slight_smile:


Err, thanks, I guess :slight_smile:


Better get a few Grom pics/reviews posted up to cater for the new market that Nick is steering here.

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Boy, I hope I never have a problem with a flange on my bike

I thought bleeding nipples was the biggest issue on bikes