What happend to Dr Placebo?

Anyone know?

He’s not posted since the 8th Jun.

I think he was banned for posting racist comments.

well some could argue that “chav” is a racist word but its aimed at white people so i guess its ok?

Your not serious are you? - he didn’t seem like the kind of guy that would come out with racist stuff? :ermm:

Does Chav only apply to white people? I thought it was a universal term like ‘git’, non-gender, non-racially specific.

i think they should ban him for riding a hardlydavidson 125:hehe: but his profile dont say he banned:ermm:

I took the Chav test and I’m 39% Chav!http://www.boredandlazy.co.uk/quiz.php?q=chav

agreedi miss his commenting on EVERY single post :smiley:

oh fug i’m 46% chav:w00t:

i think hes to busy working and running his own forum

whats his forum? www.thelondonbikers.com ??


if he is on there, he’ll only have himself to talk to lol that site is pants:hehe:

He’s not banned as far as I am aware:ermm:

He’s probably chained up in the basement of some fetish club;)

Mrs Jetstream …

your secret is out … and no you cant keep his bike …

Can’t say I’m shocked :smiley:

Not really a secret - he used to send us PMs asking if we were “fetishits too”:w00t::w00t: (We’re not by the way so no-one get excited). By the look of the photo that bike wouldn’t really suit us either:D

No, I definately thought wrong, have trawled thru some of his posts and only reference to the kind I thought was from resurrecting an old thread. So apologies if any ones got the wrong idea!:smiley: