What future tech will be to much for us?

My mother in law is over and she really struggles with her smart phone.
Can’t tell the difference between apps or apps and websites. And neither understands how WiFi works.

Not being mean it’s just she isn’t used to it.

Makes you think, what technology will we find too complicated :thinking:

Well for a start, the social media sites they use. To get an idea, look at what teens are using now.

Snapchat still remains a mystery to me. Had to understand it for work but struggled to understand the mechanics.

Then another person in the office told me how she struggled when her kids started using of this karaoke social media site/app?. Apparently it also has lots of weirdos so when she found out she shut it down in her house.

Having said that, all of that isn’t ‘tech’ in the same way a smartphone is. Most likely because the tech we’ll struggle with will arrive in 25 years or so.

At the moment, Blockchain and IoT for use in smart homes seems to be a potential bottleneck for me.

True and as you rightly said by tech it could be something other than Hardware.

E.g. assistants, some people I know struggle with figuring out how to talk to them in order to get them to do what they want.

Btw I also am abit lost with Blockchain. Like this idea of using it to create phones (HTC) … Is it just a digital wallet? Something to help you mine? Or something more

Understanding technology is easy; it’s women’s brains I will never understand.


I never made the transition from 2D left to right scrolling games like Sonic the Hedgehog to 3D open world games. Being able to go anywhere was too much choice for me. I have the same issues on my motorbike.

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The funny thing is, I now see ads.on TV about Blockchain… And I’m thinking. Does anyone understand what it’s for that’s not in the industry?

No. For the most part they don’t but many folks aren’t prepared to admit that, or just want to get involved because it’s new and buzzy. Typically, by the time something is advertised to the masses, it’s too late to capitalise on the inherent opportunities.

I think the more interesting question is to understand the tipping point for being baffled by new tech.

I used to be quite ok.with pcs, building them and spending hours learning the software. Although never getting into programming I had some really good knowledge in other areas, to the point I wrote a Master’s thesis on it. The moment I got a job and had to pay bills… That was it, i had no time to learn new things and knowledge just started dipping.

simple flow chart! https://twitter.com/vgcerf/status/1019987651301081089

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i’m quite good with technology, but also i have to be as its within my essential skill sets.
at home, i tend to be quite the opposite and usually use stuff until they break, therefore have to replace with new products.
ergo, if i didnt have to use new technology for work i would probably be much more behind.

Our generation grew up in the age of digitisation, we can grasp the concepts of anything tech related but can’t grasp trends. I understand Snapchat & vine but what I don’t get is why they’re preferable to the younger generation compared to any other IM service, for example.

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For Snapchat I remember talking to a French grad in our team who articulated perfectly…

Instagram and Facebook are serious. You only share stuff on there that makes you look good. Because it’s there for ever.

Snapchat was used to share the photos where you don’t, but are still worth sharing. Because it disappears. And it’s highly visual, rather than text focused… It’s fun and visual basically and it won’t destroy your ‘image’ or, as Belk put it in ponsy academic language, your extended self…

However all sites have completely changed since their inception to bring in revenue so it’s not surprising that people jump from one to the next as they become more commercial

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