What every girl needs



Personally I’d prefer the girl with the curves and bigger bum

ahh bless you!

lol, no seriously . . . Curvy women are soooo much sexier

you creep!! haha

ive met a few that needed this??

So does my bloke! He’s love it if my bum was bigger He hates skin & bone and I’m not complaining, lol.

Ya get what ya given, Im happy with what I can get which is very little the way I act! lol


Could be a good market for his and her versions of them mirrors…He wants a mirror that makes him look bigger (Ahemmm!) & She wants a mirror that makes her look smaller .

(But I am also in favour of the meatier version in the piccie).

I’m with you mate, cant stand a woman I’m afraid to hug in case I break her, too much obsession with skin and bones these days. Remember life is a marathon not a sprint so you might as well go for something that is comfortable not fast. Unlike the CBR which is a bit of both.

Oh dear, I see women are still falling for the old “but you know I prefer you with extra poundage” line…

yeah, about as much as men falling for the ‘it’s not what you’ve got but what you do with it’ line.

In all honesty though, there are a lot of cultures that prefer women to be meatier - it’s looked upon as sign of fertility. It’s mainly western countries that promote this image of women being stick thin as a thing of beauty.

Will you marry me !!!

OR !!! “your the best ive ever had” “no-one can do it like you” bull !!! hee hee…you go Shewolf tell em how it is!! Anyway i had my bike seat shaved so low no one else likes sitting on it cept me cos ive got that “extra poundage”

lmao . . . you’ll have to ask gridgirl if she minds first