What ever happened to the old fashioned RAT biker???

Up to about 15 years ago you always saw at least one a day in London.

What i mean is a guy ( not a Hells Angel necessarilly ) on a scruffy ancient lightly chopped Triumph,Harley or cut down Kwacker, cut down rear mudguard - nunberplate on side, ape bars , painted matt black or summat.

They would be wearing the smallest lid you’ve ever seen ( like a bicycle helmet ) , jean jacket with ripped sleves and leather jacket underneath, tons of chrome bog chains, confederate flags, skulls, Iron crosses all over the place - motobike chain slung over their shoulder.

Never see them anymore

Did they all retire or go to the country???

they’re all dead

I see a couple round near where I live in Crayford! They’ve got those tin type helmets with a beard that has things living in it

are you beardist?

i believe the pied piper was brought in specially

A beardist?! No I think they look the part - just an easy way of describing a thick dirty beard

Maybe thats where they moved to - an elepheants graveyard for Ratters.

…I did see one about a month ago now I remember it ( well almost he road an old BSA Thunderbolt, oily and unmodded ) not quite the chopper rider though…


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they all sit in Transit vans next to me at traffic lights smoking rollies and telling me about the old bikes they had like mine.

Then they cut me up.

I gotta be there - maybe my okd mate ‘One Lung’ will turn up…

…if he hasn’t drunk himself to death on furniture polish

Bill and your crusty BSA - are you still out there ???

…i’d respond… but I can’t see you post around your avatar!? :wink:

Ok Ok I get the message…

,that you Bill???