What equipment to get?


Just two days ago I got a maxi scooter (Aprilia Atlantic 500), and naturally now I am looking to buy a helmet, textile jacket, security chain, and of course insurance

There are soooooooo many products around, and I am a bit lost…maybe I should give you a quick profile: I got the scooter to commute from North London to Hatfield (on the A1) and for the occasional visit to central London. I have garage that locks at home, so not very concerned about safety when at home, but rather when parked at work and mainly when parked in London streets! I may also do some touring around the country and maybe Europe (thats a big maybe!).

For the time being, I want to buy the basics: helmet, jacket and security.

Security: I noticed that most people here praise the Almax III. I think I have made up my mind to get it along with the Squire lock. Any objections? Also what length should I go for? The cost increases significanly with the lenght…would I be overdoing it with the Almax (considering the profile above)?

Helmet: I want a flip-up and I am considering the SHOEI Multitec of the CABERG Justissimo. I know the are in different leagues, but do you believe the SHOEI is worth the extra 100pounds? Would the CABERG suffice? I know we all have one head only etc etc, and I am willing to pay the extra if it means better materials and thus safety. Is this the case though? Or will I be just paying for the name?

Jacket: so many around, this is the most confusing item. Could you please recommend one? If not a particular model maybe a company? or which are the ones I have to avoid?

Insurance: having 0 no claim bonus I have to go for a 3rd party, fire and theft. Currently the cheapest quotes I got are from Bennets (Chauser) and Motorcycle Direct. Any comments on these?

Finally, would you have any “real” shop to recommend? Something that has a variety of products in reasonalble prices within the London area?

Sorry for the many questions, but I need some guidance…

Thanking you in advance,


On the helmets. I suspect the caberg is as good as the Shoei. Do they conform to the same standards? If so, go for the cheaper one.Motorcycle jacket: For abrasion resistance, you want leather. For temperature control you want mesh. So pic a jacket that has CE2 armor. You may need to upgrade armor. but make sure the upgraded armor fits in your jacket. Other than that, its up to you. Some people like a Hi-VIS yellow, other prefer blue or green, I say get yellow and black. Just don’t get a black jacket, reduces visibility.

Oh, make sure your insurance covers your protective gear, or you may have a much higher deductible amount, than you expected.Consider adding a back protector to the gear, your back will thank you.

Dont forget protective trousers!! i see a scooter rider come off today at 30mph and the damage he done to his legs wasn’t nice!! where abouts in north london are you, go see the guys at infinity hanger lane, always friendly and helpful :smiley:

I got the Almax III, I was really surprised how heavy and big it is. I use it to chain my bike to an anchor in my garage. I won’t take it out though as I think it’s too heavy. Just keep that in mind.

Try on and see what’s comfortable. Also keep in mind that a flipfront is less safe than a full face. I can’t really see the advantage unless you’re a courier or something and need it to avoid having to take it off all the time.

Same thing. Set a budget then go to a couple of shops and try on and see what’s good. I got my jacket from Riossi (when they were still going) years ago in a sale for £100 or something and it fits perfectly, is still waterproof and survived 2 crashes.

Get a couple of quotes online and then call around (possibly get a copy of a scooter or bike mag and go through the adverts). Quotes will vary enormously. When I got my first insturance for the scoot I got quotes varying from around £300 to almost £1000, so it’s worth spending an hour and calling them all.
Write down what the excess is and what is included. I think legal cover is worth having, and breakdown cover too, but it may be cheaper to take it out seperately.

try your local Hein gericke shop, they are usually good value and if you are going to buy a lot of kit they offer 0% interest over 10 months


Do get armoured trousers. Try Hein Gericke or Infinity for gear (at least they’ll have a biggish range, so you can see what’s what). Then maybe try Busters of J&S if you want something cheaper/end of range (you can get some decent bargains this way).

Might be a controversial call, but imho a chain’s only any good if you’ve got something to chain it to, and (Central London, at least) this is usually not the case. Maybe think about a disk lock (which you can use to secure both ends of a chain, if you do use a chain) rather than a padlock. If you go with a disc lock, then spend the extra quid on one of those brightly coloured curly wires that goes from the lock to your bars to remind you that the lock’s on before you set off.

For helmets, (and I’m not sure that the comment above re flip fronts being less safe than full face helmets. They’re tested against the same standards, so I don’t see that one is less safe than the other), you have to try them on. Shoeis are an odd fit for some people (me included). Nolan also make a nice flipper, which is priced somewhere between Shoei and Caberg. Schuberth (and BMW - which are made by Schuberth) also do flippers in the same price range as Shoei.

Hi again!Thanks for all your advise and suggestions! I have a local(ish) Infinity and Hein Gericke shop, so will pay them a visit.

In the mean time I came accross this:http://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_prod/330/14726 What do you think? Is Weise any good? It has a good price and also back protection.Please bear in mind that I will be using the bike to commute ONLY on good days - will use the car when the weather is bad. Many thanks again,Solomon

im sure it’s been said but im a strong believer in buying the most you can afford. if you can afford £150 on a jacket thats more armored than a £100 jacket then id suggest you do that. Rukka is the most expensive for a reason. it’s the best. That said i have a Richa textile jacket and it’s fantastic.

Disk locks are the easiest and provide good security. As others have said a chain is only useful if you have somewhere to chain it to.

As for helmets…i have no idea if the flip top is as safe or not. but you CAN flip it open which in my mind says of i fall off and land on the flippy open button it CAN flip open and the road removes the lower half of my face.

Buy the best you can afford. The cheapest £30 helmets conform to the same standards as the £300 helmets…but the materials they are made from, the technology and the lining is far superior. Just because they meet a standard doesnt mean they dont far surpass that standard.
And get a back protector…Knox are the best and your spine is priceless.

Buy the best.
I chose a Shoei Raid II over a Caberg Trip I was lusting after. When I saw the busted hinge on a friend’s Trip, that put me off. Apparently the Shoei Multitec has been tested to withstand the same punishment as a full face, and came out okay, bear in mind that they seem to be standard issue for police riders (someone please correct me if I’m wrong).

My first jacket was a Weise Nimbus textile. I now wear an Ixon Titan leather jacket which I got from Infinity in their sale. When trying the textile jacket on again, it feels like I’m only wearing a puffa jacket - like it’s not really there! Of course, the materials are different, but when the summer comes (if it comes), I’ll be sweating in my leather reassured that I’ll be better protected.

Get some bike boots as well. Apparently, twisted ankles are the most common bike injuries.

Look for quality, although it doesn’t always come at higher prices (this is the confusing part).
Has the piece of gear your after been down the road and saved someone?

Good luck, I hope you never actually have to use the protective gear you buy :wink:

Yes, I hear you guys! I will buy the best I can afford! The problem is that there are sooooo many brands, types, characteristics, etc that makes it confusing! And I normally enjoy researching before I buy anything, but this is tooooo much! Thats why I greatly appreciate your input!I came up with this budget:

HELMET: £150 - £250 (absolute max). I think I will go and try a Shoei, and maybe rethink the flip-up thing.

I noticed Infinity do the Raid II for £175 and the XR1000 for £219. They are very expensive for the MultiTec though (£290, I have seen it on the net for about £240). Is the Raid II the previous version of the MultiTec?

FYI, I got this link from the Aprilia Forum. Very long but interesting re:helmets


SECURITY: £150 (only for Almax) anything else gets £100 (absolute max). Do you have any suggestions for a good disk lock or U-Lock (similar to Almax quality)? I always thought Abus was the best, but I found out about Almax from this forum

JACKET: £100 - £130

I noticed Infinity still have the Ixon Titan on sale price (£75 from £220). Would you recommend this? They also have the Ixon One for £100 (from £240). What kind of back protection can you fit in these? Anything or specific ones? Do you think these will be more suitable for me compared to the Weise one I posted above? The Weise has protection and is waterproof…I dont know but I think scooters and leathers dont realy go together.

I can only afford these 3 items for now, plus insurance and tax. Trousers, boots and gloves will have to wait abit due to my bank account being poorly!

Many thanks again!


As far as I know they are just different models.

I don’t really know the Weise model you linked to. I have heard positive and negative things about them, but then that’s the same for almost every brand :blink:
The Weise jacket I have came with Knox armour and was waterproof. I feel very comfortable and snug in my leather, although I have not had the chance to test it in a real downpour yet.
I hear what you’re saying about leathers and scooters. A sense of fashion shouldn’t stop with protective clothing, but remember that the protection is the foremost reason for the clothes. It seems to me that the gear that combines good looks with good protection is often that which costs a lot!

Well, wearing something like this on a scooter might stick out a bit :wink:

Most release buttons on modular style helmets are better protected than being able to press it by falling on it. As in it takes two separate motions with one hand to release the front. The latch is under the chin bar, you PULL IT, and the second release is then exposed, and you lift it up. No way falling on it will do that.

And it is a metal to metal latch. (Nolan N102.) I prefer a modular helmet because I wear glasses, and it is just a pain in the tookus, to find a place to safely set my glasses down, put on the helmet, raise tha face shield and locate the place you put your glasses and pick them up and get them back on your face with a helmet already in place, and gloves on.

Gloves have to be on your list!! Never go out without some decent gloves!

I wear glasses too. Never had a problem with putting on a fullface as long as the helmet fits well. I put one end of them in my mouth while putting on the helmet, then just fit the glasses in … easy. You get used to it in no time.
Two seperate people (Infinity near holborn, and the other in Great Portland Street) adviced me against the flip-ups because they have weak points where they flip open, and therefore will never be as strong as a full face.
Particularly if your budget is tight (I understand what it’s like to just start of and you have to buy everything at once), I would say save £50-60 on your flip-up helmet and spend that on a decent pair of gloves.

Thats one down!

I got the Shoei Multitec today, it fitted nicely and very easy for putting on my glasses.

The price was excellent as well, due to the 15% discount from Rex Judd for mentioning Londonbikers!

I also got a good quote from Chaucer for insurance, which I think I am going to take.

Finally, I ordered the Weise jacket - will let you know how it goes!

Man, this is costing much more than I thought it would!

Take care,


i popped in there yesterday aswell to see john and alex,what a pair of funny guys and really helpfull too.

they did me a spanking deal on some rukka stuff and draggin jeans.c

it was the cheapest i had seen them or could of got them,also sold me a raid 2 for my misses for £170 they do mad deals.

so thanks lads i will not be shopping anywhere else.

Helmet- you are probably right to go for as much as you can afford. I’ve got a Caberg (not a flip-front) and it’s fine but a bit noisy.

Security- Ground anchor and good chain lock at home. Don’t bother when parking in marked bays in central London as long as your scooter has steering lock and immobiliser you should be okay as the tea leaves aren’t usually interested in this sort of kit-IMO of course- it’s your risk!

Jacket- I much prefer my leather jacket as it’s comfier and offers better protection and I’m convinced it makes me faster cos it’s more aerodynamic! I got a cheapish one so I’m not too bothered about wearing it when it’s light rain but I keep a waterproof textile jacket for properly wet days.

Boots- following advice on here I abandoned my work boots and got a pair of proper boots (Oxtar) and they are much better.

Gloves- For winter I went for warmth over all-out knuckle protection and got Held ‘Freezer’ gloves, although this time of year you probably want to just get something which won’t boil your hands in the summer months and offers some protection.

Trousers- As said by others get trousers with knee and thigh protection. Also, windcheater type longjohns are superb for keeping out the cold :cool: