what do you think?

just put a song up today on my bands (MissUse) myspace

we just changed myspace sites today so if weve added you again dont be confused
have a listen would be good to get some feed back
didnt put it in the music section because noone really looks there…
and if you like it weve got a gig on the 15th may
details on the site

main riff good and lead is cool :cool:
drums work well most of the time but not too sure on the vocals (sorry if thats you) :stuck_out_tongue:

will follow the site for more songs, your band sounds like it has potential, good luck! :smiley:

well i have played it a few times whilst working so its a goodun

lol thnx
and no im not singing
im the lead guitarist

not bad at all but i do think the lead guitar is a bit busy all the way through, like trying to do solo through the whole song.

i have been told that …cant seem to play simple stuff though…
lol just happens
think the second solos a bit busy though was recording late at night when i was knackered
so will have to have a rethink on what to play

Well , as you asked… , i think its not at all bad tho have heard you play more interesting and varied stuff . It is not easy to get in touch with your soul in a recording situation , Once you have a few gigs behind you i am sure the good ‘vibes’ between the band members and the extra familiarity with the toons will change the ‘feel’ much for the better.
[ but you know that already ]


Great groove ya got going there! Nice bluesy feel to your lead work too, liking that. Totally agree with Zeph, recording sucks but when you get something good out of it it’s worth the pain!

What gear are you using?

Small point but I’d consider backing off on the gain/distortion on your amp, and bringing up your guitar in the mix. It’s a little fizzy and gets lost in the mix with the rhythm guitar. It’s a minor point but just thought I’d throw in my tuppence!

I work in Soho - if I can get out of work on time, I’ll drop by to your gig :slight_smile:

a bit busy but not bad.
Now, Terry would like to know if the lead singer’s fit? :hehe:

thanks ,
well usually i use a fender cyclone and a mesa boogie fx 50
but for recording we just recorded each person seperately straight into a computer
so i used used an effect straight off the computer
not sure if i could change it half way through
not very technical computer wise :stuck_out_tongue:
ok cool
well doors open 7:30 and were the first band on …doh!
hate being first

Mesas rock - I love em! :smiley:

Yeah, it’s become much easier to get a good guitar sound through computer software these days, no more faffing around with mic placements and cabs!

Cool - I should be out by 7.30, with any luck.

That sounds pretty good :cool:

Think I forgot I’d already replied . . . been a busy day :w00t:

How did this go? I was busy last night so couldnt come along.

not too bad fishcake, at least ya can understand the words and its not just screaching, sounding old now…oh I am lmao, anyway good luck with it follow your dreams I didnt in the 70’s now drive for living :smiley: