What do you think would challenge you more in a food competition?

What do you think would challenge you more in a food competition:
Having to eat a large quantity in a specific time?
Having to eat something really spicy?
or having to eat something that is really gross?

I need an ‘all of the above’ option…

Would definatly be the time restraint that would tuck me up have done a kilo burger challenge before but couldnt do it in the 20minutes they wanted in order to win the tshirt did finish it though think my time was just over 40min

all of the above…

I hate gross stuff, I can no longer eat spicy stuff and I like to eat in my own time…

To put it another way, I have more respect for people who can eat loads rather than people who can eat fast… Actually I don’t have respect, I just find it more impressive…

I enjoy my food & it shows!

So I don’t wolf it down as I like to savour/taste/enjoy what I’m eating to the point that people have mentioned how slow I eat. It matters not that it’s a Big Mac or nuggets, I’ll still endeavour to gain some satisfaction from eating it, albeit that it probably won’t be as much as the foie gras & smoked duck I returned with yesterday from France, I’ll be savouring that slowly this evening! :slight_smile:

Likewise, I love spicy food, but don’t see the point in eating something so blisteringly hot that I can’t actually taste anything. :crazy:

I’m open-minded & adventurous & if it’s a valid food item that is part of a regional cuisine (& subject to basic hygiene standards!) then I’ll try it, consequently I’ve eaten a variety of cooked insects & offally bits, but I’m not about to take part in some gross out competition just to see who thows up first. :sick:

I need a “none of the above” as summer’s coming,
(I hope), and I’ll be too busy riding my bike for food
competitions :smiley:

Gotta be the grossness!

Love spicy food, can destroy chicken nuggets but dont fancy eating a horse bollock…