What do you think of this?

Aside from being a fairly poor imitation of the Speed Triple, what do you think of this Canada only (as best I can tell anyway) Yammer?




You mean the Yamaha MT-01 which is nothing like the Triumph Speed Triple.

I have read that its a good bike, but eats through tyres like anything. Zorstech make a really good exhaust for them, something like 4 inch outlets

I would have one.

They look heavy, are they?


Given the choice, I’d ride the Triumph…but…beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?



If corners are your thing these are what you want!

yea pete, they weigh quit a bit…about 250kg!!

Blimey! What’s the frame made of … lead?

LOL…I had a sit on one, they are all engine, nice if you like a real chunky bike, think i will stick to my gixxer

I quite like them, in a tankish kinda way.

Yeah, but for me it’s more a Dyson-vacuum kinda way.

All show and little go by all accounts, but that’s quite a lot of show.

I think they have lost the plot!

All three bikes are cool, I would have the duke for everyday use and a K5 1000 for thoses perfect summer and trackdays

a bit like having one of these as a gf and… not being able to get on it…